AIRPLAY 「Airplay」

エアプレイ 「ロマンティック」

 2.Cryin' All Night(D.Foster-J.Graydon-S.Kipner)
 3.It Will Be Alright(D.Foster-J.Graydon-A.Willis)
 4.Nothin' You Can Do About It(D.Foster-J.Graydon-S.Kipner)
 5.Should We Carry On(D.Foster-J.Graydon-B.J.Cook Foster)
 6.Leave Me Alone(D.Foster-J.Graydon-A.Willis)
 7.Sweet Body(D.Foster-J.Graydon-I.Ingberg)
 9.She Waits For Me(J.Graydon-H.Garfield)
10.After The Love Is Gone(D.Foster-J.Graydon-W.Champlin)

Produced and Arranged by Jay Graydon and David Foster

DAVID FOSTER 「The Symphony Sessions」

デイヴィッド・フォスター 「シンフォニー・セッションズ」

 1.Piano Concerto In G(David Foster, Tom Keane)
 2.Ballet(David Foster, Jeremy Lubbock)
 3.Time Passing(David Foster, Lee Ritenour)
 4.Conscience(David Foster)
 5.Firedance(David Foster, Jeremy Lubbock)
 6.Winter Games(David Foster)
 7.Water Fountain (Love Theme From Secret Of My Success)
 8.Just Out Of Reach(David Foster, Jeremy Lubbock)
 9.Morming To Morning(David Foster, David Paich)
10.We Were So Close(David Foster, Johnny Mandel)

Produced by David Foster
Co-Produced by Jeremy Lubbock

DAVID FOSTER 「Love Lights The World」

デヴィッド・フォスター 「ラヴ・ライツ・ザ・ワールド」

 1.Jelinda's Theme(Barry Devorzon)
 2.Forever Linda(David Foster)
 3.Jebbas(David Foster, Kofi Asamoah)
 4.Listen To The Children(David Foster, Kenny G)
 5.Small Hands Reach Out(David Foster, Janet Gretzky)
 6.The Colour Of My Love(David Foster, Arthur Janov)
 7.Live Each Day(Ben's Song)(David Foster, Linda Thompson)
 8.Ice Dance(David Foster)
 9.I'm Only Here For A While(Cedric Dent, Linda Thompson, David Foster)
10.Allegro(David Foster)
11.Love Lights The World(David Foster, Linda Thompson)

Produced and Arranged by David Foster

JAY GRAYDON 「Airplay For The Planet」

JAY GRAYDON 「Airplay For The Planet」

1.Walk The Wire(Joseph Williams/Jay Graydon)
2.She Just Can't Make Up Her Mind(Billy Champlin/Janey Clewer/Jay Graydon)
3.History(John Vantongren/Joseph Williams/Jay Greydon)
4.Show Me The Magic(Sherwood Bell/Jon Gilutin/Janea Chadwick/Jay Graydon)
5.You're Not Alone(Janey Clewer/Bruce Gaitsch/Janea Chadwick/JayGraydon)
6.When You Look In My Eyes(Joseph Williams/Brett Raymond/Jay Graydon)

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