AL KOOPER 「I Stand Alone」

アル・クーパー 「アイ・スタンド・アローン」

 2.I Stand Alone(A.Kooper)
 5.Coloured Rain(S.Winwood-J.Capaldi-C.Wood) feat. THE DON ELLIS ORCHESTRA
 6.Soft Landing On The Moon(A.Kooper)
 7.I Can Love A Woman(A.Kooper)
 8.Blue Moon Of Kentucky(B.Monroe)
 9.Toe Hold(I.Hayes-D.Porter)
10.Right Now For You(A.Kooper)
11.Hey, Western Union Man(K.Gamble-L.Huff-J.Butler)
12.Song And Dance For The Unborn, Frightened Child(A.Kooper)

Produced by Al Kooper

AL KOOPER 「Easy Does It」

アル・クーパー 「イージー・ダズ・イット」

 1.Brand New Day(A.Kooper)
 2.Piano Solo Introduction
 3.I Got A Woman(R.Charles)
 4.Country Road(J.Taylor)
 5.I Bought You The Shoes(You're Walking Away In)(A.Kooper-B.Brass-I.Levine)
 7.Easy Does It(A.Kooper)
 8.Buckskin Boy(A.Kooper-C.Calello)
 9.Love Theme From "The Landlord"(A.Kooper)
10.Sad, Sad Sunshine(A.Kooper)
11.Let The Duchess No(J.Roberts-J.E.Gregory)
12.She Gets Me Where I Live(A.Kooper-C.Calello)
13.A Rose And A Baby Ruth(J.Loudermilk)
14.Baby Please Don't Go(J.Williams)
15.God Sheds His Grace On Thee(A.Kooper-C.Calello)

Produced by Al Kooper

AL KOOPER 「Naked Songs」

アル・クーパー 「赤心の歌」

 1.(Be Yourself) Be Real(A.Kooper)
 2.As The Years Go Passing By(D.Malone)
 4.Blind Baby(A.Kooper)
 5.Been And Gone(A.Kooper)
 6.Sam Stone (J.Prine)
 7.Peacock Lady(A.Kooper)
 8.Touch The Hem Of His Garment(S.Cooke)
 9.Where Were You When I Needed You(A.Kooper-I.Levine)

Produced and Arranged by Al Kooper

AL KOOPER 「Black Coffee」

AL KOOPER 「Black Coffee」

 1.My Hands Are Tied(Al Kooper)
 2.Am I Wrong(Kevin Moore)
 3.How My Ever Gonna Get Over You(Al Kooper)
 4.Going, Going, Gone(Al Kooper-Dan Penn)
 5.Keep It To Yourself(Al Kooper)
 6.Get Ready(Smokey Robinson)
 7.Imaginary Lover(Al Kooper-Sandi Stewart)
 8.Green Onions(Live!)(Jones-Steinberg-Cropper-Jackson)
 9.Another Man's Prize(Al Kooper)
10.Childish Love(Al Kooper)
11.Got My Ion Hue(Hal Lindes)
12.Just For A Thrill(Don Raye-Lil Armstrong)
13.Comin' BackIn A Cadillac (Live!)(Al Kooper)
14.(I Want You To) Tell Me The Truth(Al Kooper)

Produced & Arranged by Al Kooper

AL KOOPER 「White Chocolate」

アル・クーパー 「ホワイト・チョコレート」

 1.Love Time(Kooper)
 2.You Never Know Til You Get There(Kooper)
 3.Calling You (Telson)
 4.I Love You More Than Words Can Say(Jones-Bell)
 5.It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (Dylan)
 6.I Cried So Hard(Kooper)
 8.You Make Me Feel So Good(All Over)(Goffin-Kooper)
 9.Susan (Bliffert)
10.Hold On(Jones-Ingram)
11.Cast The First Stone(Kooper)
12.No.1 2 Call Me Baby(Goffin-Kooper)
13.Candy Man (Neil-Ross)
14.I (Who Have Nothing)(Leiber-Stoller)
15.(I Don't Know When But) I Know That'll Be There Soon(Kooper)

Produced & Arranged by Al Kooper

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