ALL ABOUT EVE 「All About Eve」

ALL ABOUT EVE 「All About Eve」

 1.Flowers In Our Hair
 2.Gypsy Dance
 3.In The Clouds
 4.Martha's Harbour
 5.Every Angel
 6.Like Emily
 7.Shelter From The Rain
 8.She Moves Through The Fair
 9.Wild Hearted Woman
10.Never Promise(Anyone Forever)
11.Apple Tree Man
12.What Kind Of Fool
13.In The Meadow
14.Lady Moonlight

All songs by Tim Bricheno, Andy Cousin , Julianne Regan
8 by Trad, arr. by Bricheno, Cousin, Regan
9 by Bricheno, Brown, Cousin, Regan
Produced by Paul Samwell-Smith
1 Produced by All About Eve
5 Produced by Richard Gottherer
14 Produced by Simon Hinlker and Wayne Hussey

ALL ABOUT EVE 「Scarlet And Other Stories」

ALL ABOUT EVE 「Scarlet And Other Stories」

 1.Road To Your Soul
 2.Dream Now
 3.Gold And Silver
 6.Blind Lemon Sam
 7.More Than The Blues
 8.Tuesday's Child
 9.Pieces Of Our Heart
10.Hard Spaniard
11.The Empty Dancehall
12.Only One Reason
13.The Pearl Fisherman

Produced by Paul Samwell-Smith
except 4 produced by All About Eve

ALL ABOUT EVE 「Touched By Jesus」

オール・アバウト・イヴ 「タッチ・バイ・ジーザス」

 1.Strange Way
 2.Farewell Mr Sorrow
 3.Wishing The Hours Away
 4.Touched By Jesus
 5.The Dreamer
 6.Share It With Me
 7.Rhythm Of Life
 8.The Mystery We Are
 9.Hide Child
11.Are You Lonely

All lyrics by Julianne Regan
excpet 9 lyrics by Marty Wilson-Piper
All titles written by Cousin/Price/Regan/Wilson-Piper
except 11 written by Cousin/Livesey/Price/Regan/Wilson-Piper
Produced by Warne Livesey

ALL ABOUT EVE 「Winter Words - Hits And Rareties」

オール・アバウト・イヴ 「ウインター・ワーズ〜ヒッツ&レアリティーズ」

 1.Our Summer(Bricheno, Cousin, Regan)
 2.Flowers In Our Hair(Bricheno, Cousin, Regan)
 3.In The Clouds(Bricheno, Cousin, Regan)
 4.Martha's Harbour(Bricheno, Cousin, Regan)
 5.Every Angel(Bricheno, Cousin, Regan)
 6.Wild Hearted Woman(Bricheno, Brown, Cousin, Regan)
 7.What Kind Of Fool(Bricheno, Cousin, Regan)
 8.Road To Your Soul(Bricheno, Cousin, Price, Regan)
 9.Scarlet(Bricheno, Cousin, Regan)
10.December(Bricheno, Cousin, Price, Regan)
11.Farewell Mr Sorrow(Cousin, Price, Regan, Willson-Piper)
12.Strangeway(Cousin, Price, Regan, Willson-Piper)
13.The Dreamer(Cousin, Price, Regan, Willson-Piper)
14.Paradise(Bricheno, Cousin, Regan)
15.Candy Tree(Bricheno, Cousin, Regan)
16.Drowning(Bricheno, Cousin, Price, Regan)
17.Wild Flowers(Bricheno, Cousin, Price, Regan)
18.Theft(All About Eve)
19.Different Sky(All About Eve)

Produced by All About Eve
1 Produced by Simon Hinkler and Wayne Hussey
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 Produced by Paul Samwell-Smith
11, 12, 13 Produced by Warne Liesey

ALL ABOUT EVE 「Return To Eden - Volume One - The Early Recordings」

ALL ABOUT EVE 「Return To Eden - Volume One - The Early Recordings」

 1.D For Desire
 2.Don't Follow Me(March Hare)
 4.End Of The Day
 5.Love Leads Nowhere
 6.In The Clouds(First Version)
 7.Appletree Man(Demo Version)
 8.Shelter From The Rain(B-Side)
 9.Every Angel(Demo Version)
10.In The Meadow(Demo Version)
11.Our Summer(Single)
12.Lady Moonlight(B-Side)
13.Our Summer(Extended Mix)
14.Flowers In Our Hair(Single)
16.Devil Woman(B-Side)
17.Flowers In Our Hair(Extended Mix)

All songs by Bricheno/Cousin/Regan
1 by Bricheno/Ferguson/Regan/Zwingmann
2 by Bricheno/Regan/Zwingmann
16 by Sparkle/Britten

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