ANDRE WILLIAMS 「Andre Williams Is The Black Godfather」

アンドレ・ウィリアムス 「ザ・ブラック・ゴッドファーザー」

 2.The Black Godfather(Williams/Explosion)
 3.Whip The Booty(Williams/Countdowns)
 4.What'cha Gonna Do?(Williams/Dirtbombs)
 5.Sling That Thing(Williams/Countdowns)
 6.Dealer, The Peeler And The Stealer(Williams/Compulsive Gamblers)
 7.Freak Blues(Williams/Mackay/Countdowns)
 8.You Got It And I Want It(Williams)
 9.Shake A Tail Feather(Williams)
10.I Hate Cha(Williams/Compulsive Gamblers)
11.Montana Slim(Williams/Countdowns)<Bonus Track>
12.I Wanna Go Back To Mexico(Williams/Countdowns)
13.Can't Find My Mind(Rorschach & Interior)
14.Fire In The Hole(Williams/Countdowns)
15 .Nasty Women(Williams/Countdowns)<Bonus Track>
16.Dictionary People(Williams/Compulsive Gamblers)<Bonus Track>
17.Hi Squard(Williams/Explosion)<Bonus Track>

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