アンディ・サマーズ 「XYZ」

 1.Love Is The Strange Way
 2.How Many Days
 3.Almost There
 4.Eyes Of A Stranger
 5.The Chnage
 6.Scary Voices
 9.The Only road
10.Hold Me

All Lyrics by ANdy Summers
All Compositions by Andy Summers
2, 7, 10 Composed by Andy Summers/David Hentschel
8 Composed by Andy Summers/David Hentschel/Charlotte Caffey

Produced by David Hentschel and Andy Summers

ANDY SUMMERS 「The Golden Wire」

アンディ・サマーズ 「ゴールデン・ワイヤー」

 1.A Piece Of Time
 2.The Golden Wire
 3.Earthly Pleasures
 4.Imagine You
 6.Blues For Snake
 7.The Island Of Silk
 8.Journey Through Blue Regions
 9.Piya Tose
10.Rain Forest In Manhattan
11.A Thousand Stones

All songs written by Andy Summers
except 7 written by Andy Summers & David Hentschel
Produced by Andy Summers & David Hentschel

ANDY SUMMERS 「Charming Snakes」

ANDY SUMMERS 「Charming Snakes」

 1.Mexico 1920(A.Summers/D.Hentschel)
 2.Charming Snakes(A.Summers)
 3.Big Thing(A.Summers/D.Hentschel/D.Smith)
 6.Mickey Goes To Africa(A.Summers)
 7.Innocence Falls Prey(A.Summers)
 8.Passion Of The Shadow(A.Summers)
 9.Monk Gets Ripped(A.Summers)
10.Easy On The Ice(A.Summers/D.Hentschel)
11.The Strong & The Beautiful(A.Summers/D.Hentschel)

Produced by Andy Summers & David Hentschel

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