ARCHIE SHEPP 「The Magic Of Ju-Ju

アーチー・シェップ 「ザ・マジック・オブ・ジュジュ」

 1.The Magic Of Ju-Ju
 2.You're What This Day Is All About
 4.Sorry 'Bout That

All Songs Written by Archie Shepp
Produced by Bob Thiele

ARCHIE SHEPP 「Bird Fire Tribute to Charlie Parker


 1.Lover Man(Davis/Ramirez/Sherman)
 2.Au Privave(Parker)
 3.Parker's Mood(Parker)
 4.Now The Time(Parker)

Archie Shepp, tenor & baritone saxes
Everett Hollins, trumpet
Siegfried Kessler, piano
Bob Cunningham, bass
Clifford Jarvis, drums

Recorded and mixed at Studio Ramses in Paris, by Jean Louis RIzet,

produced by Gerard Terrones(1979)

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ