ART PORTER 「Straight To The Point」

ART PORTER 「Straight To The Point」

 1.Straight To The Point
 2.Someone Like You
 3.Autumn In Europe
 4.Free Spirit
 5.We Should Stay In Love
 6.A Day Without You
 7.Skirt Chaser
 8.Second Time Around
 9.It's Been Awhile
10.It's Your Move
11.Unconditional Love

All songs written by Art Porter
except 5 written by Art Porter, Jeff Lorber and Morris Renitie
Produced and Engineered by Jeff Lorber

ART PORTER 「Undercover」

ART PORTER 「Undercover」

 1.After Hours
 2.There's Only You
 4.Forever Yours
 5.Phases Of The Heart
 6.Send One Your Love
 7.October Rain
 8.Lost Logic
 9.Before We Say Goodbye
10.Almost There
11.Last Call

All compositions by Art Porter
6 Written by Stevie Wonder
9 Written by Art Porter and Will Downing
2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10 Produced by Ronnie Foster
1, 3, 5, 8, 11 Produced by Jeff Lorber & Art Porter

ART PORTER 「Lay Your Hands On Me」

アート・ポーター 「レイ・ユア・ハンズ・オン・ミー」

 1.Flight Time(Art Porter)
 2.Lake Shore Drive(Art Porter)
 3.One More Chance(Chuckii Booker/Tami Booker) feat. LALAH HATHAWAY
 4.Just Wanna Be With You(Brian McKnight) feat. BRIAN McKNIGHT
 5.DB Blue(Art Porter)
 6.Candlelights(Art Porter)
 7.Wishful Thinking(Art Porter)
 8.Forever Love(Art Porter/Brian McKnight/Brandon Barnes) feat. BRIAN McKNIGHT
 9.We Are One(Art Porter)
10.Lay Your Hands On Me(Art Porter/Chris Cuben-Tatum/La-Ron Wilburn)

1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 Produced by Chuckii Booker
4, 8 Produced byy Brian McKnight
10 Produced by Chris Cuben-Tatum

ART PORTER 「For Art's Sake」

ART PORTER. 「For Art's Sake」

 1.Lake Shore Drive(Live)
 2.Flight Time(Live)
 3.Mr.Porter(Tribute To Art Porter)
 4.Little Rock
 5.Passion Sunrise(Live)
 6.Pocket City(Remix)
 7.Texas Hump(Live)
 8.Straight To The Point(Remix)
 9.Lay Your Hands On Me(Live)
10.The Christmas Song

All compositions by Art Porter
4 by Jeff Lorber
10 by Mel Torme

1, 2, 5, 7, 9 Produced by Guy Eckstine and Art Porter
3, 6, 8 Produced by Guy Eckstine and Jeff Lorber
4 Produced by Jeff Lorber
10 Produced by Tom Grant and Art Porter

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