THE ASSOCIATES 「The Glamour Chase & Perhaps」

THE ASSOCIATES 「The Glamour Chase & Perhaps」

■DISC 1: The Glamour Chase(Previously unreleased)■
 1.Reach The Top(P.Haig)
 2.Heart Of Glass(C.Stein & D.Harry)
 4.Set Me Up(B.MacKenzie)
 5.Country Boy(G. & U. Scheuepflug)
 6.Because You Love(B.MacKenzie)
 7.The Rhythm Divine(B.MacKenzie, R. Chabonneau & B. Blank)
 9.You'd Be The One(B.MacKenzie & K. Hutchinson)
10.Empires Of The Heart(B.MacKenzie)
11.In Windows All(B.MacKenzie)
12.Heaven's Blue(B.MacKenzie)
13.Take Me To The Girl(B.MacKenzie & H.Hughes)

■DISC 2: Perhaps■
 1.Those First Impressions(B.MacKenzie)
 2.Waiting For The Loveboat(B.MacKenzie)
 5.Helicopter Helicopter(B.MacKenzie & S.Reid)
 7.Thirteen Feelings(B.MacKenzie & S.Reid)
 8.The Stranger In Your Voice(B.MacKenzie & S.Reid)
 9.The Best Of You(B.MacKenzie & S.Reid)
10.Don't Give Me That 'I Told You So' Look(B.MacKenzie & S.Reid)

THE ASSOCIATES 「Wild And Lonely」

ジ・アソシエイツ 「ワイルド・アンド・ロンリー」

 1.Fire To Ice
 3.People We Meet
 4.Just Can't Say Goodbye
 5.Calling All Around The World
 6.The Glamour Chase
 7.Where There's Love
 8.Something's Got to Give
 9.Strasbourg Square
10.Ever Since That Day
11.Wild and Lonely
12.Fever In The Shadows

All Songs Written by Billy Mackenzie
All Tracks Produced and Mixed by Julian Mendelsohn
except 6 Produced by Billy Mackenzie and Mixed by Julian Mendelsohn

THE ASSOCIATES 「Popera: The Single Collection」

アソシエイツ 「ベスト・オブ・アソシエイツ」

 1.Party Fears Two(Mackenzie/Rankine)
 2.Club Country(Mackenzie/Rankine)
 3.18 Carat Love Affair(Mackenzie/Rankine)
 4.Love Hangover(Sawyer/McCleod)
 5.Those First Impressions(Mackenzie)
 6.Waiting For The Love Boat(Mackenzie)
 8.Take Me To The Girl(Mackenzie/Hughes)
 9.Heart Of Glass(Harry/Stein)
10.Country Boy(G&U Scheuerpflug)
11.The Rhythm Divine(Mackenzie/Blank)
12.Waiting For The Love Boat(Slight Return)(Mackenzie)
13.Tell Me Easter's On Friday(Mackenzie/Rankine)
14.Q Quarters(Mackenzie/Rankine)
15.Kitchen Person(Mackenzie/Rankine)
16.Message Oblique Speech(Mackenzie/Rankine)
17.White Car In Germany(Mackenzie/Rankine)

ALAN RANKINE 「The World Begins To Look Her Age」

アラン・ランキン 「ザ・ワールド・ビギンズ・トゥ・ロック・ハー・エイジ」

 1.Elephant's Walk In Morning Glory
 2.Mission For The Don
 3.Your Very Last Day
 4.The Best In Me
 5.The World Begins To Look Her Age
 6.Last Bullet
 7.The Sandman
 8.Love In Adversity

All songs written, performed and produced by Alan Rankine

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