AUDIO ACTIVE 「Happy Happer」

オーディオ・アクティヴ 「ハッピー・ハッパー」

 1.Audio Active's Adventure In Time & Space(Music:Taki)
 2.Happy Shopper(Words:Mark Stewart/Music:Needie-D)
 3.Mammoth Galactica(Music:Nanao)
 4.24 Hours Explorations(Words&Music:Masa)
 5.Electric Bombardment(Music:Nanao)
 6.Hot Water(Words&Music:Masa)
 7.Jerked + Shocked(Music:Needie-D)
 8.Frog In The Well(Words&Music:Masa)
 9.Dub Out Of The Well(Words&Music:Masa)
10.Wah Wah Zoo Mars(Music:Taki)
11.Dub In An Abyss(Music:Nanao)
12.The Adventure Is Still Going On(Adventure In Time & Space Pt.2)

Produced & Mixed by Adrian Sherwood and Audio Active
Additional Production: Doug Wimbish and Skip McDonald

AUDIO ACTIVE 「Apollo Choco Remixed」

AUDIO ACTIVE 「Apollo Choco Remixed」

1.Coolness In My Foolishness(Remix by Adrian Sherwood)
2.My Way(Remix by Alec Empire)
3.Weed Specialist(Remix by Audio Active)
4.Citizen Zombie(Kuranaka Remix)
5.Penalty Taker(Cattle Mutilation Mix)
6.Robot War(Adrian Sherwood Dub Mix)
7.Open The Gate(Adrian Sherwood Dub Mix)

AUDIO ACTIVE 「Return Of The Red I」

オーディオ・アクティヴ 「リターン・オブ・ザ・レッド・アイ」

 1.Return Of The Red I
 2.Too Much Formula
 3.Psycho Buds Psycho Rap by DEEDAR from ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION
 4.Stoned Troopers
 5.Idle Dragon feat. I-ROY
 6.Kick The Bong Around
 9.Emergency HosPOTal
11.Hempire Strikes Back

1, 4, 7, 8, 9 11 Produced by Audio Active
2, 3, 5, 6, 10 Produced by Adrian Sherwood & Audio Active

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