1.Disco Girl(i)(D.Stewart/N.Blake)
 2.Right Across The Street(D.Stewart/N.Blake)
 3.Top Shop Girl(D.Stewart/N.Blake)
 4.Rimbaud And Me(D.Stewart/F.MacDonald)
 5.Yo Yo Song(1969)(Traditional)
 6.Disco Girl(D.Stewart/N.Blake)
 7.Your Class(D.Stewart)
10.On Somedays(D.Stewart)
11.But Tonight(F.MacDonald/N.Blake/D.Stewart)
12.Let Mother Nature Be Your Guide(N.Blake)
13.Heaven's Daughter(D.Stewart/N.Blake)
"PLUS"(Seven Bonus Tracks)
15.Figure 4(D.Stewart/J.McCulloch/J.McAlinden)
16.Strawberry Sundae(D.Stewart/S.Dickson)
17.C'est Le Vent, Betty(G.Yared)
18.Thinkin' About You Baby(B.Wilson/M.Love)
19.Mother Nature(Karaoke Mix)(N.Blake)
20.Your Class(Live)(D.Stewart)

Produced by BMX Bandits & Ted Blakeway
14, 15, 16, 17 20 Produced by BMX Bandits & Gordon Rintoul
18 Produced by BMX Bandits & Duncan Cameron

BMX BANDITS 「Life Goes On」

BMX バンディッツ 「ライフ・ゴーズ・オン」

 1.Little Hands(Francis Macdonald/Duglas T.Stewart)
 2.Serious Drugs(Duglas T.Stewart/Norman Blake/Joe McAlinden)
 3.Space Girl(Francis Macdonald/Duglas T.Stewart)
 4.Scar(Duglas T.Stewart)
 5.I'll Keep On Joking(Joe McAlinden/Duglas T.Stewart)
 6.Hole In My Heart(Francis Macdonald)
 7.Cast A Shadow(C.Johnson)
 8.Cats And Dogs(Francis Macdonald/Duglas T.Stewart)
 9.Your Dreams(Francis Macdonald/Duglas T.Stewart)
10.My Friend(Joe McAlinden/Duglas T.Stewart)
11.It Hasn't Ended(Joe McAlinden/Duglas T.Stewart)
12.Intermission(Bathing Beauties)(Francis Macdonald/Duglas T.Stewart)
13.Kylie's Got A Crush On Us(G.Love)
14.Thinkin' Bout You Baby(Brian Wilson/Mike Love)
15.My Generation(Duglas T.Stewart)
16.Funny Face(Duglas T.Stewart/Joe McAlinden)

Produced by Duncan Cameron and BMX Bandits

BMX BANDITS 「Gettin' Dirty」

BMX BANDITS 「Gettin' Dirty」

 1.Gettin' Dirty(Francis Macdonald/Duglas T.Stewart)
 2.Hello Again(Francis Macdonald)
 3.Lost Girl(John A.Hogarty/Duglas T.Stewart)
 4.Love Come To Me(Francis Macdonald/Duglas T.Stewart)
 5.No Future(N.Blake, additional lyric Duglas T.Stewart)
 6.Konnichiwa #1(Francis Macdonald)
 7.Waiting For Baby(Francis Macdonald/Duglas T.Stewart)
 8.The Audition(Francis Macdonald/Duglas T.Stewart)
 9.Rays Of Golden(Sushi K. Dade)
10.I Could Fall In Love(Francis Macdonald)
11.Baby I'm With You(Finlay Macdonald/Duglas T.Stewart)
12.Come Out Of The Shadows(Francis Macdonald/Duglas T.Stewart)
13.Konnichiwa #2(Francis Macdonald)
14.On The Road To Heaven(Francis Macdonald/Duglas T.Stewart)
15.Little River Of Spring(T.Okano/T.Takano)

BMX BANDITS 「Theme Park」

BMX BANDITS 「Theme Park」

 1.We're Gonna Shake You Down(Kim Fowley/Francis Macdonald/Duglas T.Stewart)
 2.Girl Nextdoor(Gordon Keen/Duglas T.Stewart/Kim Fowley/Mike Bennett)
 3.Nuclear Summertime(Francis Macdonald/Kim Fowley)
 4.Teenage Slaughtertime(Francis Macdonald)
 5.This Lonely Guy(Francis Macdonald)
 6.I Wanna Fall In Love(Francis Macdonald/Duglas T.Stewart)
 7.One Big Heart(Francis Macdonald)
 8.Opel Mantra(Sushil K.Dade/Duglas T.Stewart)
 9.Milky Way(Sushil K.Dade)
10.Motor Boat(Kim Fowley/Micael Lloyd/L.Thimeyer)
11.Love Makes the World Go Round(Francis Macdonald/Kim Fowley)
12.Before the Blue Moon(Sushil K.Dade)
13.Lonely Love(Francis Macdonald/Duglas T.Stewart)
14.Evel Knievel(Francis Macdonald)
15.Ride the Iron Horse(Sushil K.Dade/Kim Fowley/Francis Macdonald/Lawrence Kim)
16.In The Afterglow(Francis Macdonald/Kim Fowley)
17.Sparkle Finish(Sushil K.Dade)
18.Our Time Has Come(Francis Macdonald/Duglas T.Stewart)

1 & 2 produced by Kim Fowley and Mike Bennett
3, 10, 11, 15, 16 & 18 produced by Kim Fowley and Joe Foster
All ohetr tracks produced by BMX Bandits

BMX BANDITS 「Down At The Hop」

BMXバンディッツ 「ダウン・アット・ザ・ホップ」

 1.Love At The Hop(F.Macdonald/D.Stewart)
 2.Little Kitty(D.Stewart)
 3.I'm In Such Great Shape(F.Macdonald/D.Stewart)
 4.Miss Nude Black America(F.Macdonald/D.Stewart)
 5.Death And Destruction(F.Macdonald/D.Stewart)
 6.The Daughters Of Julie Evergreen(D.Stewart/N.Blake)
 7.The Road Of Love Is Paved With Banana Skins(F.Macdonald/D.Stewart)
 8.Silly Boy(F.Macdonald)
 9.Back In Her Heart(F.Macdonald)
10.Wake Up, Francis(F.Macdonald/D.Stewart)
11.Love's Supposed To Be Fun(F.Macdonald)
12.Back In Your Arms(F.Macdonald/D.Stewart)
13.Hungry Man(F.Macdonald/D.Stewart)
14.The End Of Time(D.Stewart)
15.Mailbox(F.Miller)<Bonus Track for Japan Only>

Produced by Douglas T. Stewart and Francis Macdonald
6 Produced by Douglas T. Stewart & Norman Blake
13 Produced by Francis Macdonald and Norman Blake

BMX BANDITS 「Bee Stings」

BMXバンディッツ 「ビー・スティングス」

 1.Take Me To Heaven(D.Stewart, D.Scott)
 2.After I Made Love To You(W.Oldham)
 3.Sing The Things(D.Stewart, D.Scott)
 4.I Know A Secret(D.Stewart)
 5.Elegant Lines(D.Stewart, D.Scott)
 7.So Many Colours(D.Stewart, D.Scott)
 8.Just Remember I'm A Woman(D.Stewart, D.Scott)
 9.Foggy(D.Stewart, D.Scott)
10.Rachel Eating An Icecream At A Truckstop In Japan(D.Stewart)
11.Our Secret Life(N.Blake, R.Mackenzie)
12.The Last Song(D.Stewart, D.Scott)

Produced by David Scott & Douglas T.Stewart

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ