BAH SAMBA 「Bah Samba」

BAH SAMBA 「Bah Samba」

 1.Reach Inside
 2.And It's Beautiful
 4.So Tired Of Waiting
 5.Tired Little One
 6.It Tastes Good
 7.My Spirit Soars
 8.Pass It On
 9.All I Ever Wanted
10.Tiny Feet
11.Sugar Beet (The Last Pineapple)<Bonus Track>

1 Produced by Julian Bendall
4 Produced and Arranged by K.Alexsander, J.Bendall, G.Holroyde
9 Produced & Arranged by Julian Bendall & Tristan Banks


バー・サンバ 「フォー」

<DISC 1>
 1.Portuguese Love
 2.Soul King
 3.Everybody Get Up
 4.Let The Drums Speak
 5.Have You Got Your Boots On?
 7.You! You! You!
 8.Portuguese Love(Phil Asher's Restless Soul Mix)

<DISC 2>
 1.Inner Soul
 3.Don't Let Them Get You Down
 4.Just Want To Love You
 5.So Many People
 6.Coming Home
 7.Intermission<Bonus Track for Japan Only>
 8.Far Away
10.Portuguese Love(Seamus Haji Mix)<Bonus Track for Japan Only>

Produced by Julian Bendall and Mark Ralph

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ