BANGLES 「All Over The Place」

BANGLES 「All Over The Place」

 1.Hero Takes A Fall(S.Hoffs-V.Peterson)
 4.All About You(V.Peterson)
 5.Dover Beach(S.Hoffs-V.Peterson)
 6.Tell Me(S.Hoffs-V.Peterson)
 8.Going To Liverpool(K.Rew)
 9.He's Got A Secret(V.Peterson)
10.Silent Treatment(V.Peterson)
11.More Than Meets The Eye(V.Peterson)

Produced and Engineered by David Kahne

BANGLES 「Different Light」

BANGLES 「Different Light」

 1.Manic Monday(Words&Music by Christopher)
 2.In A Different Light(Words & Music by Vicki Peterson & Susanna Hoffs)
 3.Walking Down Your Street(Words by Susanna Hoffs/Music by Susanna Hoffs, Louis Gutierrez & David Kahne)
 4.Walk Like An Egyptian(Words & Music by Liam Sternberg)
 5.Standing In The Hallway(Words by Debbi Peterson, Susanna Hoffs & David Kahne/Music by Debbi Peterson & Susanna Hoffs)
 6.Return Post(Words by Vicki Peterson & Susanna Hoffs/Music by Vicki Peterson)
 7.If She Knew What She Wants(Words & Music by Jules Shear)
 8.Let It Go(Words & Music by Susanna Hoffs, Debbi Peterson, Vicki Peterson & Michael Steele)
 9.September Gurls(Words & Music by Alex Chilton)
10.Angels Don't Fall In Love(Words & Music by Vicki Peterson & Susanna Hoffs)
11.Following(Words & Music by Michael Steele)
12.Not Like You(Words & Music by Debbi Peterson, Susanna Hoffs & David Kahne)

Produced by David Kahne

BANGLES 「Everything」

バングルス 「エヴリシング」

 1.In Your Room(S.Hoffs-B.Steinberg-T.Kelly)
 2.Complicated Girl(M.Steele-D.White)
 3.Bell Jar (D.Peterson-V.Peterson)
 4.Something To Believe In
 5.Eternal Flame(S.Hoffs-B.Steinberg-T.Kelly)
 6.Be With You(D.Peterson-W.Igleheart)
 7.Glitter Years(M.Steele-D.White)
 8.I'll Set You Free(S.Hoffs-E.Lowen-D.Navarro)
 9.Watching The Sky(V.Peterson-S.Hoffs)
10.Some Dreams Come True(D.Peterson-S.Hoffs)
11.Make A Play For Her Now(V.Peterson-V.Vincent)
12.Waiting For You(S.Hoffs-B.Steinberg-T.Kelly)
13.Crash And Burn(V.Peterson-R.Sweet)

Produced by Davitt Sigerson

BANGLES 「Greatest Hits」

BANGLES 「Greatest Hits」

 1.Hero Takes A Fall(S.Hoffs-V.Peterson) '84
 2.Going Down To Liverpool(K.Rew) '84
 3.Manic Monday(Christopher) '85
 4.If She Knew What She Wants(J.Shear) '85
 5.Walk Like An Egyptian (L.Sternberg) '85
 6.Walking Down Your Street (S.Hoffs-L.Gutierrez-D.Kahne) '85
 7.Following (M.Steele) '85

 8.Hazy Shade Of Winter(P.Simon) '87
 9.In Your Room(S.Hoffs-B.Steinberg-T.Kelly) '88
10.Eternal Flame(S.Hoffs-B.Steinberg-T.Kelly) '88
11.Be With You(D.Peterson-W.Igleheart) '88
12.I'll Set You Free(S.Hoffs-E.Lowen-D.Navarro) '88
13.Everything I Wanted(S.Hoffs-E.Lowen-D.Navarro) '90
14.Where Were You When I Needed You(P.F.Sloan=S.Sarri) '84
15.What I Meant To Say (V.Peterson-D.Peterson) '89

THE BANGLES 「Doll Revolution」

バングルス 「ドール・レヴォリューション」

 1.Tear Off Your Own Head(It's A Doll Revolution)(E.Costello)
 2.Stealing Rosemary(D.Petersom, S.Hoffs, V.Peterson)
 3.Something That You Said(S.Hoffs, V.Peterson, C.Caffey)
 4.Ask Me No Questions(D.Peterson, W.Ingleheart)
 5.The Rain Song(S.Cowsill, V.Peterson)
 6.Nickel Romeo(M.Steele, B.Ray, S.LeGassick)
 7.Ride The Ride(S.Hoffs, D.Peterson, V.Peterson, D.Schwartz)
 8.I Will Take Care Of You(S.Hoffs, D.O'Brian)
 9.Here Right Now(D.Peterson, P.Rafelson)
10.Single By Choice(V.Peterson)
11.Lost At Sea(D.Peterson, S.Hoffs)
12.Song For A Good Son(M.Steele)
13.Mixed Messages(V.Peterson)
14.Between The Two(M.Steele, D.White)
15.Grateful(S.Hoffs, D.Schwartz, B.Bottrell)
16.Getting Out Of Hand(V.Peterson)<Bonus Track for Japan Only>
17.Call On Me(S.Hoffs, V.Peterson, D.Roback)<Bonus Track for Japan Only>

Produced by Brad Wood & The Bangles

SUSANNA HOFFS 「When You're Boy」

SUSANNA HOFFS 「WhenYou're Boy」

 1.My Side Of The Bed(S.Hoffs/T.Kelly/B.Steinberg)
 2.No Kind Of Love (S.Hoffs/D.Kahne/S.Culter/R.Rice)
 3.Wishing On Telstar(R.Lane/J.Cipolla)
 4.That's Why Girls Cry(D.Kahne/J.Hatfield/S.Hoffs)
 5.Unconditional Love(C.Lauper/T.Kelly/B.Steinberg)
 6.Something New(J.Hanes/C.Sheldon/S.Hoffs/D.Kahne)
 7.So Much For Love(J.Hanes/P.E.Gates/P.Dunne/H.Hanes)
 8.This Time(S.Summers)
 9.Only Love(s.Hoffs/D.Warren)
10.It's Lonely Out Here(S.Hoffs/T.Kelly/B.Steinberg)
11.Made Of Stone(J.Condos/S.Hoffs/D.Kahne)
12.Boys Keep Swinging(D.Bowie/B.Eno)

Produced and arranged by David Kahne

SUSANNA HOFFS 「Susanna Hoffs」

SUSANNA HOFFS 「Susanna Hoffs」

 1.Beekeeper's Blues(S.Hoffs/D.Baerwald/D.Kitay)
 2.All I Want(I.Broudie/P.Coyle)
 3.Enormous Wings(M.Linkous/S.Hoffs)
 5.Darling One(S.Hoffs/M.Linkous/D.Lowery/D.Faragher)
 6.King Of Tragedy(S.Hoffs/D.Baerwald/J.Keltner/G.Leisz/I.Klein/D.Kitay)
 7.Eyes Of A Baby(S.Hoffs/D.Baerwald/J.Keltner/G.Leisz/I.Klein/D.Kitay)
 8.Grand Adventure(S.Hoffs/D.Baerwald/D.Kitay/G.Leisz)
 9.Happy Place(M.Linkous/D.Lowery)
10.Those Days Are Over(S.Hoffs/D.Baerwald/D.Kitay)
11.Weak With Love(J.Keltner/S.Hoffs/D.Baerwald/G.Leisz/I.Klein/D.Kitay/D.Schwartz)
12.To Sir With Love(M.London/D.Black)
13.Stuck In The Middle With You(G.Rafferty/J.Egan)

12.To Sir With Love(M.London/D.Black)
13.Turning Over(S.Hoffs/K.Hunter/D.Faragher)
14.Catch The Wind(D.Leitch)
15.Stuck In The Middle With You(G.Rafferty/J.Egan)

1, 2, 4, 7, 9, produced by Jack Joseph Puig
3 produced by Matt Wallace and Jack Joseph Puig
5, 6, 8, 10, 11 produced by David Baewald, David Kitay and Susanna Hoffs

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