バウハウス 「マスク」

 1.Hair Of The Dog
 2.The Passion Of Lovers
 3.Of Lillies And Remains
 5.Hollow Hills
 6.Kick In The Eye
 7.In Fear Of Fear
 8.Muscle In Plastic
 9.The Man With The X-Ray Eyes
11.In Fear Of Dub<Bonus Track>
12.Ear Wax<Bonus Track>
13.Harry<Bonus Track>
14.David Jay/Peter Murphy/Kevin Haskins/Daniel Ash<Bonus Track>
15.Satori<Bonus Track>

All Words and Music by Bauhaus
Produced by Bauhaus

BAUHAUS 「Burning From The Inside」

BAUHAUS 「Burning From The Inside」

 1.She's In Parties
 2.Antonin Artaud
 4.King Volcano
 5.Who Killed Mr.Moonlight
 6.Slice Of Life
 7.Honeymoon Croon
 8.Kingdom's Coming
 9.Burning From The Inside
11.Lagartija Nick<Bonus Track>
12.Here's The Dub<Bonus Track>
13.Departure<Bonus Track>
14.The Sanitty Assassin<Bonus Track>

All words and music by Bauhaus
Produced by Bauhaus

BAUHAUS 「Swing The Heartache: The BBC Sessions」

BAUHAUS 「Swing The Heartache: The BBC Sessions」

 1.A God In An Alcove
 2.Telegram Sam
 3.Double Dare
 4.The Spy In The Cab
 5.In The Flat Field
 6.St Vitus Dance
 7.In Fear Of Fear
 8.Poison Pen
 9.Party Of The First Part
11.The Three Shadows(Part 2)
12.Silent Hedges
13.Swing The Heartache
14.Third Uncle
15.Ziggy Stardust
16.Terror Couple Kill Colonel
17.Night Time
18.She's In Parties

Composed by Bauhaus
2 Composed by Marc Bolan
14 Composed by Brian Eno
15 Composed by David Bowie
17 Composed by Feldman/Goldstein/Gottehrer
Produced by John Sparrow
5, 6, 7, 8 Produced by Mike Hawkes
16, 17, 18 Produced by John Williams

BAUHAUS 「Rest In Peace: The Final Concert」

BAUHAUS 「Rest In Peace: The Final Concert」

<DISC 1:The Final Concert>
 1.(Introduction) Satori
 2.Burning From The Inside
 3.In Fear Of Fear
 4.Terror Couple Kill Colonel
 5.The Spy In The Cab
 6.Kingdom's Coming
 7.She's In Parties
 8.Antonin Artoud
 9.King Volcano
10.Passion Of Lovers
11.Slice Of Life
12.In Heaven
14.Hollow Hills
15.Stigmata Martyr
16.Kick In The Eye
17.Dark Entries

<Disc 2: Encore>
 1.Double Dare
 2.In The Flat Field
 4.God In An Alcove
 5.Hair Of The Dog
 6.Bela Lugosi's Dead

All words and music by Bauhaus
except 1-12 written by Peter Ivers/David Lynch
Recorded Live At Hammersmith Palais, London on 5th July 1983

PETER MURPHY 「Should The World Fail To Fall Apart」

PETER MURPHY 「Should The World Fail To Fall Apart」

 1.Canvas Beauty(Romance Version)(Peter Murphy/
 2.The Light Pours Out Of Me
 4.Should The World Fail To Fall Apart
 5.Never Man
 6.God Sends
 7.Blue Heart
 8.The Answer Is Clear(Album Version)
 9.Final Solution

Lyrics by Peter Murphy
All songs written by Peter Murphy and L.Howard Hughes
2 by Devoto, Mcgeogh, Shelley
9 by Peru Ubu, Bell
Produced by Ivo/Murphy/Hughes
except 7 Produced by Murphy/Hughes/Kitchingam

PETER MURPHY 「Love Hysteria」

ピーター・マーフィー 「ラブ・ヒステリア」

 1.All Night Long(Murphy/Statham)
 2.His Circle And Hers Meet(Murphy/Statham)
 3.Dragnet Drag(Murphy)
 4.Socrates The Python(Murphy)
 5.Indigo Eyes(Murphy/Statham)
 6.Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It(Murphy/Bonas)
 7.Blind Sublime(Murphy/Statham)
 8.My Last Two Weeks(Murphy)
10.I've Got A Minature Secret Camera(Murphy/Branch)
11.Funtime(Cabaret Mix)

Produced by SImon Rogers



 1.Deep Ocean Vast Sea
 3.Crystal Wrists
 4.Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem
 5.Seven Veils
 6.The Line Between The Devils Teeth(And That Which Cannot Be Repeat)
 7.Cuts You Up
 8.A Strange Kind Of Love(Version One)
 9.Roll Call
10.Roll Call(Reprise)

All Songs Written by Peter Murphy/Paul Statham
Except "The Line Between The Devils Teeth" Written by Peter Murphy
Produced by Simon Rogers
Engineered by Ian Grimble


 1.Keep Me From Harm
 2.Kill The Hate
 3.You're So Close
 4.The Sweetest Drop
 5.Low Room
 6.Let Me Love You
 7.Our Secret Garden
 8.Dream Gone By
 9.Hit Song

1, 3, 4, 8 Written by Murphy/Statham
2, 6, 7 Written by Murphy
5 Written by Murphy. Bonas, Branch, Bryant
9 Written by Murphy And The Hundred Men

Produced by Mike Thorne with Peter Murphy
Recorded and Mixed by Fernando Kral



 1.Things To Remember
 2.Fake Sparkle Or Golden Dust?
 3.No Home Without Its Sire.
 4.Just For Love.
 5.Girlchild Aglow
 6.Your Face
 7.Jungle Haze
 8.My Last Two Weeks

All songs by Peter Murphy
except 9 by Murphy/Statham
Produced by Mercan Dede & Peter Murphy

PETER MURPHY 「Unshattered」

PETER MURPHY 「Unshattered」

 1.Idle Flow(Murphy/DiStefano/Gregson-Williams)
 2.Kiss Myself(Murphy/Statham)
 3.Piece Of You(Murphy/Statham)
 4.Face The Moon(Murphy/Statham)
 5.Emergency Unit(Murphy/Statham)
 6.Thelma Sings To Little Nell(Murphy/Swinghammer)
 7.The Weight Of Love(Murphy/Statham)
 8.Give What He's Got(Murphy/Bouhalassa)
 9.Blinded Like Saul(Murphy/Avery/DeAngelis/DiStefano/Haskins)
10.The First Stone(Murphy/Bouhalassa)
11.Breaking No One's Heaven(Murphy/Statham/Cole)

Produced by Garner Cole


LOVE AND ROCKETS 「Eatrth・Sun・Moon」

 1.Mirror People
 2.The Light
 3.Welcome Tomorrow
 4.No New Tale to Tell
 5.Here on Earth
 7.Waiting for the Flood
 8.Rain Bird
 9.The Telephone Is Empty
10.Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven
11.Earth, Sun, Moon
13.Mirror People(Slow Version)

Music by Love And Rockets
Words by David J or Daniel Ash
Produced by Love And Rockets
Assisted by Derek Tompkins
Engineered by Ted Sharp

LOVE AND ROCKETS 「Love And Rockets」

 1.**** (Jungle Law)
 2.No Big Deal
 3.The Purest Blue
 5.I Feel Speed
 6.Bound For Hell
 7.The Teardrop Collector
 8.So Alive
 9.Rock And Roll Babylon
10.No Words No More

1, 3, 9 Words by David J /Music by Love And Rockets
2, 4, 5, 7, 8 Words by Daniel Ash /Music by Love And Rockets
6 Words by David J, Traditional /Music by Love And Rockets
10 Words by Daniel Ash, Gary Ashl /Music by Love And Rockets

Prodiced by Love And Rockets and John Fryer

LOVE AND ROCKETS 「Hot Trip To Heaven」

LOVE AND ROCKETS 「Hot Trip To Heaven」

 1.Body And Soul
 3.Trip And Glide
 4.This Heaven
 5.No Worries
 6.Hot Trip To Heaven
 8.Voodoo Baby
 9.Be The Revolution
10.Set Me Free

Music by Love And Rockets
1, 4, 6, 10 Words by David J and Daniel Ash
2, 3, 5, 8 Words by Daniel Ash
7 Words by David J
Produced by Love And Rockets
Engineered by Kevin Whyte



 1.Sweet F.A.
 2.Judgement Day
 3.Use Me
 5.Sweet Lover Hangover
 7.Shelf Life
 8.Sad And Beautiful World
10.Words Of A Fool
12.Here Come The Comedown

Words by Daniel Ash; Music by Love And Rockets
7, 11, 12, 13 Words by David J; Music by Love And Rockets

1, 2, 3, 9, 11 Produced by Love And Rockets
4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13 Produced and Mixed by Love And Rockets and John Fryer
5 Produced by Sylvia Massey and Love And Rockets

DANIEL ASH 「Coming Down」

 1.Blue Moon
 2.Coming Down Fast
 3.Walk This Way
 4.Closer To You
 5.Day Tripper
 6.This Love
 7.Blue Angel
 8.Me And My Shadow
 9.Candy Darling
10.Sweet Little Liar
11.Not So Fast
12.Coming Down

All Tracks Written by Daniel Ash
1 Written by R.Rodgers, L.Hart
3 Written by Daniel Ash, Tito Puente
5 Written by J/Lennon/P.McCartney
8 Written by A.Johnson,B.Rose,D.Dreyer

1, 4, 11 Produced by Daniel Ash
2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12 Produced by Daniel Ash and John Fryer
6, 10 Produced by Daniel Ash and John A.Rivers

DANIEL ASH 「Foolish Thing Desire」

DANIEL ASH 「Foolish Thing Desire」

 1.Here She Comes
 2.Foolish Thing Desire
 4.Dream Machine
 5.Get Out Of Control
 6.The Void
 7.Roll On
 8.Here She Comes Again
 9.The Hedonist
10.Higher Than This

Words And Musc by Daniel Ash
Produced by Daniel Ash And John A.Rivers

DAVID J 「Songs From Another Season」

 1.I'll Be Your Chauffeur
 2.Fingers In The Grease
 3.A Longer Look
 4.Sad Side To The Sandboy
 5.New Women Is An Attitude
 6.Sweet Anaesthesia
 7.On The Outskirts(Of A Strange Dream)
 8.I'll Be Your Chauffeur(Original Version) 
 9.The Moon In The Man
10.Little Star 
11.Stranded Trans-Alantic Hotel Nearly...
12.The National Anthem Of Nowhere
13.Nature Boy

All songs by David J
Produced by David J

DAVID J 「Urban Urbane」

DAVID J 「Urban Urbane」

 1.Some Big City
 2.A Man Of Influential Taste
 3.Smashed Princess
 4.Ten Little Beauty Queens
 5.Candy On The Cross
 6.Space Cowboy
 7.Serial Killer Blues
 9.Bouquets, Wreaths And Laurels
10.No Faith
11.Pilgrims, Martyrs And Saints
12.Hoagy Carmichael Never Went To New Orleans

Written by David J
Produced by David J
6 Co-Produced by Nick ansano
7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Co-Produced by Niko Bolas

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