BEASTIE BOYS 「Licensed To Ill」

ビースティ・ボーイズ 「ライセンヅト・トゥ・イル」

 1.Rhymin & Stealin
 2.The New Style
 3.She's Crafty
 4.Posse In Effect
 5.Slow Ride
 7.Fight For Your Right
 8.No Sleep Till Brooklyn
 9.Paul Revere
10.Hold It Now, Hit It
11.Brass Monkey
12.Slow And Low
13.Time To Get Ill

Produced by Rick Rubin/Beastie Boys

BEASTIE BOYS 「Paul's Boutique」

BEASTIE BOYS 「Paul's Boutique」

 1.To All The Girls
 2.Shake Your Rump
 3.Johnny Ryall
 4.Egg Man
 5.High Plains Drifter
 6.The Sound Of Science
 7.3-Minute Rule
 8.Hey Ladies
 9.5-Piece Chicken Dinner
10.Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun
11.Car Thief
12.What Comes Around
14.Ask For Janice
15.B-Boy Bouillabaisse
 a)59 Chrystie Street
 b)Get On The Mic
 c)Stop That Train
 d)A Year And A Day
 e)Hello Brooklyn
 f)Dropping Names
 g)Lay It On Me
 h)Mike On The Mic

Written and Produced by Beastie Boys and Dust Brothers
except 14 Produced by Mario G. Caldato, Jr.

BEASTIE BOYS 「Check Your Head」

BEASTIE BOYS 「Check Your Head」

 1.Jimmy James
 2.Funky Boss
 3.Pass The Mic
 5.Lighten Up
 6.Finger Lickin' Good
 7.So What'cha Want
 8.Biz Vs.The Nuge
 9.Time For Livin'
10.Something's Got To Give
11.Blue Nun
12.Stand Together
15.Groove Holmes
16.Live At P.J.'s
17.Mark On The Bus
8.Professor Booty
19.In 3's

Produced by Beastie Boys + Mario Caldato Jr.

BEASTIE BOYS 「Ill Communication」

BEASTIE BOYS 「Ill Communication」

 1.Sure Shot
 2.Tough Guy
 3.B-Boys Makin` With The Freak Freak
 4.Bobo On The Corner
 5.Root Down
 7.Get It Together
 9.The Update
10.Futterman`s Rule
11.Alright Hear This
12.Eugenes`s Lament
13.Flute Loop
14.Do It
15.Ricki`s Theme
16.Heart Attack Man
17.The Scoop
19.Bodhisattva Vow

BS 2000 「Sumply Mortified」

BS 2000 「シンプリー・モーティファイド」 

 1.N.Y. Is Good
 2.Sick For A Reason
 3.It Feels Like ?!@#?!
 4.Yeah I Like BS
 6.Better Better
 7.No Matter What Shape(Your Stomach Is In)
 8.The Side To Side
10.Boogie Bored
11.Wait A Minute
12.New Gouda
13.Save This For Davis
14.The Scrappy
15.Mr. Critic
16.Flossin' At Lawson
17.Dig Deeper
18.The Dilemma
19.In The Basement
20.Dansk Party
21.Sing To Your Sink<Bonus Track for Japan Only>
22.The Mom SOng<Bonus Track for Japan Only>

All songs written , Recorded & Produced by BS 2000

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ