THE BEAU BRUMMELS 「The Best Of The Beau Brummels 1964-1968」

THE BEAU BRUMMELS 「The Best Of The Beau Brummels 1964-1968」

 1.Laugh, Laugh(Elliott)
 2.Still In Love With You Baby(Elliott)
 3.Just A Little(Elliott/Durand)
 4.They'll Make You Cry(Elliott)
 5.You Tell Me Why(Elliott)
 6.Don't Talk To Strangers(Elliott/Durand)
 7.In Good Time(Elliott)
 8.When It Comes To Your Love(Elliott)
 9.Sad Little Girl(Elliott)

10.Gentle Wandering Ways(Elliott)
11.One Too Many Mornings(Dylan)
12.Here We Are Again(Valentino)
13.Fine With Me(Elliott)
14.Don't Make Me Promises(Hardin)
15.Two Days 'Til Tomorrow(Elliott/Durand)
16.Magic Hollow(Elliott/Valentino)
17.Are You Happy(Elliott/Durand)
18.Deep Water(Elliott/Valentino)

THE BEAU BRUMMELS 「Autumn In San Francisco」

BEAU BRUMMELS 「Autumn In San Francisco」

 1.Laugh Laugh(R.Elliott)
 2.Just A Little(R.Elliott/Durand)
 3.You Tell Me Why(R.Elliott)
 4.Don't Talk To Strangers(R.Elliott)
 5.In Good Time(R.Elliott)
 6.Sad Little Girl(R.Elliott)
 7.Still In Love With You Baby(R.Elliott)
 8.Good Time Music(J.Sebastian)
 9.Ain't That Loving You Baby(D.Malone)
10.Stick Like Glue(R.Elliott)
11.That's If You Want Me To(R.Elliott)
12.Can It Be?(R.Elliott/D.Durand)
13.When It Comes To Your Love(R.Elliott)
14.Gentle Wandering Ways(R.Elliott)
15.I Grow Old(R.Elliott)
16.Lonely Man(R.Elliott)
17.She Sends Me(R.Elliott)

Produced by Sly Stewart
except 8, 17 Produced by Bob Mitchell

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