ビーニー・マン 「ディフェンド・イット」

 1.Wicked Man
 2.No Matter Di Money
 3.Cross The Bridge
 4.Bomb & Dynamite
 5.Life Is Good
 6.Defend It
 7.God Mek Everything
 8.People Dead
 9.Child Abuse
10.Accident A Cause
11.Say The Word
12.Tea Time feat. SHIRLEY McLEAN
13.I Am A Disciple
14.Nuh Tek It
15.From Yu A Di Wife

All tracks written by Moses Davis
3, 4, 11 written by Michael Morgan & Moses Davis
6 written by moses Davis & Paul Tyrell
12 written by Shirley McLean & Mosses Davis
Produced by Patrick Roberts
except 1 Produced by A.Cameron & Anthony Malvo

BEENIE MAN 「The Settlement」

ビーニー・マン 「ザ・セトルメント」

 1.The Settlement
 3.Cool Cool Rider
 5.Knowledge feat. MAD KOKANE
 6.Cu-Cum Looks
 7.Tell Me Know
 8.Which One
 9.Shot Em Up
10.Father God
11.Tek Him Money
12.Miss Brown & Pretty

All tracks written by Moses Davis
2, 6 written by A.Kelly & M/Davis
5, 8 M.Morgan & M.Davis
Produced by Patrick Roberts

BEENIE MAN 「Blessed」

BEENIE MAN 「Blessed」

 4.Stop Live In A De Pass
 5.Acid Attack
 7.Matie A Come
 8.Man Moving
 9.World Dance
10.Tear Off Mi Garment
11.New Name feat. LUKIE D
12.Weeping and Mourning
13.Heaven Vs.Hell
14.See A Man Face

Produced by Patrick Roberts & The Shocking Vibes Crew
2 Produced by Dave Kelly
3, 9 Produced by Patrick Roberts
4 Produced by Collin "Bulby" York & Lynford "Fatta" Marshall
11 Produced by Moses Davis

BEENIE MAN 「The Doctor」

BEENIE MAN 「The Doctor」

 1.Gospel Time
 2.Let Him Go
 3.The Doctor
 4.Better Learn
 5.Pride & Joy feat. JON B
 6.Bad Man Nuh Flee feat. MR. VEGAS
 8.One More Time feat. LITTLE KIRK
 9.World Gone Mad
10.Kingston Hot
11.Tell Me(Remix) feat. ANGIE MARTINEZ
12.Battery Dolly
13.Some Gal
14.Protect Me

1, 4, 8, 13, 14 Produced and arranged by The Shocking Vibes Crew
2 Produced and arranged by Danny Browne
3, 7, 10 Produced and arranged by Tony "CD" Kelly
5 Produced and arranged by Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds
6 Produced and arranged by Richard Stephenson
9 Produced and arranged by Shams
11 Produced and arranged by Stack Money
12 Produced and arranged by Steely & Clevie

BEENIEMAN 「Art And Life」

BEENIEMAN 「Art And Life」

 1.Haters And Fools
 3.Love Me Now(Rockwilder Remix) feat.WYCLEF and REDMAN
 4.Girls Dem Sugar feat.MYA
 5.Crazy Notion
 6.Original Tune
 7.Jamaica Way feat.KELIS
 8.Love Me Now feat.WYCLEF
 9.Art And Life
10.Analyze This
11.Heights of Great Men
12.9 to 5
13.Trus Me
14.Tumble (La Caida) feat. ARTURO SANDOVAL
15.Some Tonight feat.TANTO METRO & DEVONTE
16.Best That I Got
17.I've Got a DateYouth Of Eglington

1, 12 Produced by Dave Kelly
2, 4, 7 Produced by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo
3, 8, 17 Produced by Salaam Remi
5 Produced by Louis "Flabba" Malcom
6, 9, 14, 15, 16 Produced by The Shocking Vibes Team
10 Produced by Steely and Clevie
11 Produced by Lloyd "king Jammy" James
13 Produced by Tony "CD" Kelly

BEENIE MAN 「Tropical Storm」

BEENIEMAN 「Tropical Storm」

 1.Party Hard
 2.Feel It Boy feat. JANET
 3.Bad Girl
 4.Real Gangsta feat. J1
 5.Fresh From Yard feat. LIL' KIM
 6.Miss L.A.P.
 7.Street Life
 8.Gangsta Life
 9.Pure Pretty Gal
10.Bossman feat. LADY SAW AND SEAN PAUL
11.Yagga Yo feat. SO SOLID CREW
13.You Babe

1, 8 Produced by Dave Kelly
2, 3, 10 Produced by The Neptunes
4 Produced by Chink Santana and Irv Gotti
5 Produced by Clue & Duro
7 Produced by Stargate
9 Produced by Tony Kelly
11 Produced by AC Burrell
12 Produced by Wayne "Devonte" Passley
13 Produced by Sly ANd Robbie

BEENIE MAN 「Kingston To King Of The Dancehall」

BEENIEMAN 「Kingston To King Of The Dancehall」

 1.Who Am I
 2.Girls Dem Sugar
 4.Ole Dawg
 7.Nuff Gal
 9.Girls Dem Sugar feat. MYA
10.Love Me Now feat. WYCLEF
11.Miss L.A.P.
12.Bossman feat. LADY SAW & SEAN PAUL
13.Dude feat. Ms.Thing
14.King Of The Dancehall
15.Row Like A Boat
16.The Specialists feat. VYBZ KARTEL

1 Produced by Jeremy Harding
2, 3, 7 Produced by The Shocking Vibes Crew
4, 5, 13 Produced by Dave Kelly
6 Produced by Sly & Robbie
8, 11, 14 Produced by Tony "CD" Kelly
9, 12 Produced by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo(The Neptunes)
10 Produced by Salaam Remi
15 Produced by Cordel "Scatta" Burrell
16 Produced by Mario C & Tony Matterhorn

BEENIE MAN 「Undisputed」

BEENIE MAN 「Undisputed」

 2.Chacka Dance
 3.Hmm Hmm
 4.Girls feat. AKON
 5.Dutty Wine Gal feat. BROOKE VALENTINE
 6.Jamaican Ting
 7.Beenie Man feat. D'ANGEL
 8.Come Again
 9.Fire feat. VOLTIO & RANDY
10.Heart Attack
11.Walk Out
12.My World feat. LADY SAW
13.Set You Free
14.My Woman

1 Produced by Troyton Rami
2, 8 Produced and Engineered by Donovan Vendetta
3, 4, 7 Produced and Recorded by Tony "CD" Kelly
5, 6 Produced by Scott Storch
9 Produced by DJ Giann
10 Produced by Dane "Fire Links" Johnson
11 Produced by Marlon "Pyrana" Cooke
12 Produced by Lloyd "John John" James Jr.
13 Produced by Dwayne (Supe Dups) Chin-Quee
14 produced by Free Willy

BEENIE MAN 「Concept Of Life」

ビーニ・マン 「コンセプト・オブ・ライフ」

 1.Do Somth'n
 2.Concept Of Life feat. U-ROY
 3.Love You
 4.Settle Down feat. GRINGO
 5.Hot feat. SPICE
 6.Sign Me Up
 7.Star My Show feat. VOICE MAIL
 8.Always Be The Man
 9.By Your Side
12.Imagination feat. DEVONTE
13.Be A Frined feat. GHOST
14.Time feat. RAZOR BROWN & GRINGO
15.No Promise
16.Nah Resign
17.God Black
18.From Birth

Produced & arranged by Beenie Man & Neil Amos

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