BEN VAUGHN 「Dressed In Black」

BEN VAUGHN 「Dressed In Black」

 1.Big Drum Sound
 2.The Man Who Has Everything
 3.Dressed In Black
 5.Long Black Hair
 6.New Wave Dancing
 7.Cashier Girl
 8.Words Can't Say What I Want To Say
 9.Hey Romeo
10.Too Sensitive For This World
11.Growin' A Beard
12.Don't Say You Don't Wanna
13.Poor Jimmy Gordon

All Songs Made Up by Ben Vaughn
2 by Arcaini-Vaughn
11 by Marcus
Produced by Ben Vaughn

BEN VAUGHN 「A Date With Ben Vaughn」

ベン・ヴォーン 「ア・デイト・ウィズ・ベン・ヴォーン」

 1.Two Mile Road
 2.Out On The Porch
 3.Love Leave Me Alone
 4.Quote Unquote
 5.Waiting Game
 6.Ain't Gonna Walk In The Shade
 7.Ava Gardner Blues
 8.Six By Six

All songs by Ben Vaughn
2 by DanMarcus
5 by Ben Vaughn/Dan Marcus
Produced by Ben Vaughn

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