BIG BILL BROONZY 「Warm, Witty & Wise」

ビッグ・ビル・ブルーンジー 「WARM, WITTY & WISE」

 1.I Can't Be Satisfied(W.Broonzy)
 2.Long Tall Mama(A.May)
 3.Worrying You Off My Mind(W.Broonzy)
 4.Too Too Train Blues(W.Broonzy)
 5.How You Want It Done?(W.Broonzy)
 6.C & A Blues(W.Broonzy)
 7.Southern Flood Blues(W.Broonzy)
 8.It's A Low Down Dirty Shame(W.Broonzy)
 9.Trucking Little Woman(W.Broonzy)
10.Night Time Is The Right Time(L.Carr)
11.New Shake 'Em On Down(B.White)
12.Baby I Done Got Wise(W.Broonzy)
13.Just A Dream(W.Broonzy)
14.Whiskey & Good Time Blues(W.Broonzy)
15.Too Many Drivers(W.Broonzy)
16.When I Been Drinking(W.Broonzy)

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