BIKERIDE 「Here Comes The Summer!」

バイクライド 「ヒア・カムズ・ザ・サマー」

 1.Iron Feather(Carbone)
 2.On My Bike(Carbone/Spalding)
 3.Stupid 44(Carbone)
 4.Tonight You Belong To Me(David/Ross)
 5.Catching Raindrops In Rome(Carbone)
 7.The 4th Of July(Carbone/Galaxie 500)
 8.God’s Kids(Carbone)
10.Summertime Friends(Carbone)
11.Meghan(Carbone)<Bonus Track for Japan Only>
12.Leah And Nikki(Carbone)<Bonus Track for Japan Only>

Produced by Bikeride

BIKERIDE 「Thirty-Seven Secrets I Only Told America」

バイクライド 「ナンバー37のひみつ」

 1.Erik & Angie
 2.That's Math!
 3.America's Favorite Omelettes
 5.Peeling An Orange
 6.Blue Jeans
 7.A Wet And Watery Blue
 8.The Letter Dropper
 9.Do You Like Ping-Pong?
12.Clean Sports, Clean Living
13.Can You Hear?
14.The Rocketeen

Written, engineered and produced by Tony
except 12 written by Sean and produced by Sean, James, and Tony

BIKERIDE 「Summer Winners/Summer Losers」

BIKERIDE 「Summer Winners/Summer Losers」

 1.Here Comes The Summer
 3.New Years Girl
 4.Carl Wilson Suite
 5.You Stepped On My Guitar
 7.El Roy
 8.Continental Divide
 9.Grady Moseley
10.Fine And Dandy
11.Leah And Nikki
12.A Summer Song
14.Country Driving
15.Bean And Nothing Else
16.The Four Of Us In June
17.Estate D'Amore
18.Endless PCH
19.Our Lips Are Sealed

BIKERIDE 「Morning Macumba」

バイクライド 「モーニング・マクンバ」

 1.Radio Ougadougou(Charles Gray)
 2.Fakin' Amnesia(Charles Gray/Tony Carbone)
 3.Knees On Top(Tony Carbone)
 4.Norwegia(Tony Carbone)
 5.Catch That Spark(Tony Carbone)
 6.Whispering Winds(Charles Gray/Tony Carbone)
 7.Americans In Rome(Sean How?/Charles Gray/Tony Carbone)
 8.Moonracing(Tony Carbone)
 9.Small Faces(Tony Carbone)
10.Sleepyhead(Tony Carbone)
11.Lemonade(Tony Carbone)
25.Savannah(Tony Carbone)<Bonus Track for Japan>
37.Star Spangled(Tony Carbone)<Bonus Track for Japan>

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