BILL HALEY AND HIS COMETS 「Bill Haley's Greatest Hits」

BILL HALEY AND HIS COMETS 「Bill Haley's Greatest Hits」

 1.(We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock(Jimmy DeKnight-Max C.Freedman)
 2.Shake, Rattle And Roll(Charles Calhoun)
 3.See You Later, Alligator(Robert Guldry)
 4.Sway With Me(Bill Haley-Rusty Keefer-Milt Gabler-Catherine Cafra)
 5.Choo Choo Ch'Boogie(Vaughn Horton-Denver Darling-Mily Gabler)
 6.Razzle-Dazzle(Charles Calhoun)
 7,Thirteen Women(And Only One Man In Town)(Dickie Thompson)
 8.Skinny Minnie(Bill Haley-Rusty Keefer-Milt Gabler-Catherine Cafra)
 9.The Saints Rock 'N' Roll(Bill Haley-Milt Gabler)
10.Burn That Candle(Winfield Scott)
11.Joey's Song(Joe Resiman)
12.Hook, Line And Sinker(Edward Khoury-Ronnie Bonner-Bill Haley)

BILL HALEY AND HIS COMETS 「From The Original Master Tapes」

ビル・ヘイリーと彼のコメッツ 「ベスト・オブ・ビル・ヘイリーと彼のコメッツ」

 1.(Were Gonna)Rock Around The Clock(Jimmy DeKnight-Max Freedman)
 2.Thirteen Women(Dickie Thompson)
 3.Shake, Rattle And Roll(Charles E. Calhoun)
 4.A.B.C.Boogie(Al Russell-Max Spickol)
 5.Happy Baby(Frank Pingatore)
 6.Dim, Dim, The Lights(I Want Some Atmosphere)(Beverly Rose-Julius Dixon)
 7.Birth Of The Boogie(B.Haley-B.Williamson-J.Grande)
 8.Mambo Rock(Bickley Reichner-Mildred Phillips-Jimmy Ayre)
 9.Two Hound Dogs(Bill Haley-Frank Pingatore)
10.Razzle-Dazzle(Charles E. Calhoun)
11.R-O-C-K(Bill Haley-Rusty&Ruth Keefer)
12.Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie(Bill Haley)
13.The Saints Rock N' Roll(Arr. Bill Haley-Milt Gabler)
14.Burn That Candle(Winfield Scott)
15.See You Later Alligator(Robert Guidry)
16.The Paper Boy(On Main Street, U.S.A.)(Bill Haley-Catherine Cafra)
17.Rudy's Rock(Rudy Pompilli-Bill Haley)
18.Hot Dog Buddy Buddy(Bill Haley)
19.Rip It Up(R.A.Black-J.Marascalco)
20.Don't Knock The Rock(Fred Karger-Robert E. Kent)

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