THE BLUE VELVET BAND 「Sweet Moments With The Blue Velvet Band」

ブルー・ヴェルヴェット・バンド 「スウィート・モーメンツ」

 1.Ramblin' Man(Hank Williams)
 2.You'll Find Her Name Written There(Harold Hensley)
 3.The Knight Upon The Road(Arraged & Adapted by Jim Rooney)
 4.Weary Blues From Waitin'(Hank Williams)
 5.Little Sadie(Arraged & Adapted by Bill Keith)
 7.Sweet Moments(Arraged & Adapted by Bill Keith & Tex Logan)
 8.Somebody Else You've Known(Merle Haggard)
 9.Fond Affection(Jim Rooney)
10.My Sweet Love Ain't Around(Hank Williams)
11.The Knobody Knows About My Cares And Nobody Cares About My Nose Rag(Keith-Greene)
12.Sittin' On The Top Of The World(Arraged & Adapted by Rooney-Keith-Weissberg-Greene)

Produced by Erik Jacobsen

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ