ザ・ボリス・ガーディナー・ハプニング 「スレッジハンマー」

 1.Some Place To Live And Be Free(Boris Gardiner/Roger Welsh) feat. ERROL WALKER
 2.I Need Someone To Love(Fitzbert Martin) feat. EARL DALEY
 3.When Time Stood Still(Willie Lindo) feat. BORIS GARDINER
 4.Sledgehammer(Boris Gardiner) feat. FRANK AIRD/FITZBERT MARTIN
 5.Hey Girl! Come And Get It(Hugo&Luigi/George David Weiss) feat. EARL DALEY/BORIS GARDINER
 6.Happy Times(Boris Gardiner/Roger Welsh) feat. ERROL WALKER
 7.Don't Look Back(Boris Gardiner/Barrington Gardiner) feat. BORIS GARDINER
 8.Everything's Coming Up Love(Van McCoy) feat. ERROL WALKER
 9.Guiding Light(Boris Gardiner/Barrington Gardiner) feat. BORIS GARDINER
10.Satin Soul(Barry White) feat. FITZBERT MARTIN

Produced and Arranged by Boris Gardiner

BORIS GARDINER 「Let's Take A Holiday」

ボリス・ガーディナー 「レッツ・テイク・ア・ホリディ」

 1.This Old House(J.Bouwens)
 2.Puttin'in Overtime At Home(B.Peters)
 3.Let's Take A Holiday(B.Gardiner/C.Tomlinson)
 4.You Bring(The Gentleman In Me)(B.Gardiner/C.Tomlinson)
 5.Eighteen Yellow Roses(B.Darin)
 6.Lovers Lane(B.Gardiner)
 7.I Believe In You(R.Cook/S.Hogin)
 8.Take Care Of My Heart(B.Gardiner/C.Tomlinson)
10.She's Everything I'm Dreaming Of(W.Lindo/B.Gardiner)
11.This Old House(Combination Mix)(J.Bouwens) with U BROWN

Produced by Boris Gardiner, Willie Lindo & Robbie Lyn
except 5, 8, 11 Produced by Boris Gardiner

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ