BREAD 「Anthology Of Bread」

BREAD 「Anthology Of Bread」

 1.Make It With You(D.Gates)
 2.Dismal Day(D.Gates)
 3.London Bridge(D.Gates)
 4.Anyway You Want Me(J.Griffin, R.Royer)
 5.Look What You've Done(J.Griffin, R.Royer)
 6.It Don't Matter To Me(D.Gates)
 7.The Last Time(J.Griffin, R.Royer)
 8.Let Your Love Go(D.Gates)
 9.Truckin'(J.Griffin, R.Royer)
11.Baby I'm-A Want You(D.Gates)
12.Everything I Own(D.Gates)
13.Down On My Knees(J.Griffin, D.Gates)
16.Sweet Surrender(D.Gates)
17.Guitar Man(D.Gates)
18.Fancy Dancer(M.Botts, J.Griffin)
19.She's The Only One(J.Griffin, R.Royer)
20.Lost Without Your Love(D.Gates)

Produced by David Gates

DAVID GATES & BREAD 「Essentials」

 1.Dismal Day(David Gates)
 2.Any Way You Want Me(James Griffin/Robb Royer)
 3.It Don't Matter To Me(single version)(David Gates)
 4.Make It With You(David Gates)
 5.Look What You've Done(James Griffin/Robb Royer)
 6.I Want You With Me(David Gates/James Griffin)
 7.Let Your Love Go(David Gates)
 8.Too Much Love(James Griffin/Robb Royer)
 9.If(David Gates)
10.He's A Good Lad(David Gates)
11.Mother Freedom(David Gates)
12.Baby I'm-A Want You(David Gates)
13.Down On My Knees(James Griffin/David Gates)
14.Everything I Own(David Gates)
15.Diary(David Gates)
16.Guitar Man(David Gates)
17.Aubrey(David Gates)
18.Sweet Surrender(David Gates)
19.She's The Only One(James Griffin/Robb Royer)
20.Lost Without Your Love(David Gates)
21.Soap (I Use The)(David Gates)
22.Ann(David Gates)
23.Never Let Her Go(David Gates)
24.Goodbye Girl(David Gates)

DAVID GATES 「Goodbye Girl」

デイヴィッド・ゲイツ 「グッバイ・ガール」

 1.Goodbye Girl
 2.Took The Last Train
 3.Overnight Sensation
 4.California Lady
 7.He Don't Know How To Love You
 8.Clouds Suite
10.Part Time Love
11.Sunday Rider
12.Never Let Her Go

DAVID GATES 「Love Is Always Seventeen」

デヴィッド・ゲイツ 「ラヴ・イズ・セヴンティーン」

 1.Avenue Of Love(David Gates)
 2.Love Is Always Seventeen(David Gates)
 3.Ordinary Man(David Martin)
 4.I Will Wait For You(David Gates, Billy Dean)
 5.Save This Dance For Me(David Gates)
 6.No Secrets In A Small Town(David Gates, Billy Dean)
 7.Heart, It's All Over(David Gates)
 8.I Don't Want To Share Your Love(David Gates)
 9.I Can't Find The Words To Say Goodbye(Billy Dean. David Gates)
10.Dear World(David Gates)
11.Thankin' You Sweet Baby James(David Gates)

Produced and Arranged by David Gates

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