BRIAN HYLAND 「The Joker Went Wild/Run, Run, Look And See」

ブライアン・ハイランド 「ジョーカー・ウェント・ワイルド」

 1.The Joker Went Wild(B.Russell)
 2.Call Me(T.Hatch)
 3.When You Touch Me(G.Fischoff-J.Meltzer)
 4.One Night Jimmy(B.Hyland-J.Holvay)
 5.Norwegian Wood(This Bird Has Flown)(J.Lennon-P.McCartney)
 6.The Genie(B.Russell-B.Cason)
 7.Run, Run, Look And See(M.Cooper-R.Whitley)
 8.3000 Miles(R.Wayne)
 9.Sometimes They Do, Sometimes They Don't(Dean-King)
10.Yesterday I Had A Girl(B.Hyland)
11.Lavender Blue(Dilly Dilly)(L.Morey-E.Daniel)
12.Just Out Of Reach(Stewart)

Arrangements by Leon Russell and Al Capps: A Snuff Garrett Productions
Engineer: Dave Hassinger and Henry Lewy

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ