BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE 「Forgiveness Rock Record」

ブロークン・ソーシャル・シーン 「フォギブネス・ロック・レコード」

 1.World Sick
 2.Chase Scene
 3.Texico Bitches
 4.Forced To Love
 5.All To All
 6.Art House Director
 7.Highway Slipper Jam
 8.Ungrateful Little Father
 9.Meet Me In The Basement
10.Sentimental X's
11.Sweetest Kill
12.Romance To The Grave
13.Water In Hell
14.Me And My Hand

<Enhanced CD: Bonus Track(MP3)>
 1.New Instructions
 2.Sudden Foot Loss
 3.Shabba Lights
 4.Song For Dee
 5.Eling's Haus
 6.Professor Sambo
 7.Never Felt Alive
 8.Paperweight Room
 9.Turbo Mouse
10.Far Out

Produced by John McEntire and BSS

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ