BUD POWELL 「The Amazing Bud Powell, Volume One」

バド・パウエル 「コンプリート・ジ・アメイジング・バド・パウエル Vol.1」

 1.Bouncing With Bud(Bud Powell)
 2.Wail(Bud Powell)
 3.Dance Of The Infidels(Bud Powell)
 4.52nd Street Theme(Thelonious Monk)
 5.You Go To My Head(J.F.Coots-H.Gillespie)
 7.Bouncing With Bud(Bud Powell)(Alternate Take #1)
 8.Bouncing With Bud(Bud Powell)(Alternate Take #2)
 9.Wail(Bud Powell)(Alternate Take)
10.Dance Of The Infidels(Bud Powell)(Alternate Take)
11.Ornithology(C.Parker-B.Harris)(Alternate Take)
12.Un Poco Loco(Bud Powell)
13.Over The Rainbow(H.Arlen-E.Y.Harburg)
14.A Night In Tunisia(D.Gillespie-F.Paparelli)
15.It Could Happen To You(J.Van Heusen-J.Burke)
16.Parisian Thoroughfare(Bud Powell)
17.Un Poco Loco(Bud Powell)(Alternate Take #1)
18.Un Poco Loco(Bud Powell)(Alternate Take #2)
19.A Night In Tunisia(D.Gillespie-F.Paparelli)(Alternate Take)
20.It Could Happen To You(J.Van Heusen-J.Burke)(Alternate Take)

■CDP 7 81503 2■
 1.Bouncing With Bud(Alternate Take #1)
 2.Bouncing With Bud(Alternate Take #2)
 3.Bouncing With Bud
 4.Wail(Alternate Take)
 6.Dance Of The Infidels(Alternate Take)
 7.Dance Of The Infidels
 8.52nd Street Theme
 9.You Go To My Head
11.Ornithology(Alternate Take)
12.Un Poco Loco(Alternate Take)
13.Un Poco Loco(Alternate Take)
14.Un Poco Loco
15.Over The Rainbow

 Produced by Alfred Lion

THE BUD POWELL TRIO 「The Bud Powell Trio」

バド・パウエル 「バド・パウエルの芸術」

 1.I'll Remember April(D.Raye-G.DePaul-P.Johnston)
 3.Somebody Loves Me(B.MacDonald-B.D.DeSylva-G.Gershwin)
 4.I Should Care(S.Cahn-A.Stordahl-P.Weston)
 5.Bud's Bubble(B.Powell)
 6.Off Minor(T.Monk)
 7.Nice Work If You Can Get It(I&G.Gershwin)
 8.Everything Happens To Me(T.Adiar-M.Dennis)
 9.Embraceable You(I&G.Gershwin)
10.Burt Covers Bud(B.Powell)
11.My Heart Stood Still(L.Hart-R.Rodgers)
12.You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To(C.Porter)
13.Bag's Groove(M.Jackson)
14.My Devotion(R.Hillman-J.Napton)
15.Stella By Starlight(V.Young-N.Washington)
16.Woody'n You(D.Gillespie)

BUD POWELL 「Bud! +1:The Amazing Bud Powell Vol. 3」

バド・パウエル 「バド!+1」

 1.Some Soul(Bud Powell)
 2.Blue Pearl(Bud Powell)
 3.Frantic Fancies(Bud Powell)
 4.Bud On Bach(Bud Powell)
 5.Keepin' In The Groove(Bud Powell)
 6.Idaho(Jessie Stone)
 7.Don't Blame Me(Fields-McHugh)
 8.Moose The Mooche(Charlie Parker)
 9.Blue Pearl(Alternate Take)(Bud Powell)

Produced by Alfred Lion

BUD POWELL 「The Scene Changes: The Amazing Bud Powell(Vol.5)」

BUD POWELL 「The Scene Changes: The Amazing Bud Powell(Vol.5)」

 1.Cleopatra's Dream(Bud Powell)
 2.Duid Deed(Bud Powell)
 3.Down With It(Bud Powell)
 4.Danceland(Bud Powell)
 5.Borderick(Bud Powell)
 6.Crossin' The Channel(Bud Powell)
 7.Comin' Up(Bud Powell)
 8.Gettin' There(Bud Powell)
 9.The Scene Changes(Bud Powell)
10.Comin' Up(Alternate Take)(Bud Powell)

Produced by Alfred Lion

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