BUZZCOCKS 「Lest We Forget」

バズコックス 「レスト・ウィ・フォーゲット」

 1.Fiction Romance(Shelly)
 3.Times Up(Shelly/Devoto)
 5.Love Battery(Shelly/Devoto)
 6.Ever Fallen In Love(Shelly)
 7.I Don't Mind(Shelly)
 8.What Do You Know(Shelly)
 9.I Believe(Shelly)
10.Noise Annoys(Shelly)
11.What Do I Get(Shelly)
12.Something's Gone Wrong Again(Shelly)
13.Harmony In My Head(Diggle)
14.You Say You Don't Love Me(Shelly)
15.I Don't Know What To Do With My Life(Shelly)
16.Fast Cars(Shelly/Devoto)
17.Airwaves Dream(Diggle)
18.Nothing Left(Shelly)
19.Love You More(Shelly)

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