CARAVAN 「Cunning Stunts」

キャラヴァン 「カニング・スタンツ」

 1.The Show Of Our Lives(Sinclair/Murphy)
 2.Stuck In A Hole(Hastings)
 4.No Backstage Pass(Hastings)
 5.Welcome The Day(Wedgwood)
 6.Dabsong Conshirtoe(Sinclair/Murphy)
  Part 1. The Mad Dabsong
  Part 2. Ben Karratt Rides Again
  Part 3. Pro's And Con's
  Part 4. Wraiks And Ladders
  Part 5. Sneaking Out The Bare Quare
  Part 6. All Sorts Of Unmentionable Things
 7.The Fear And Loathing In Tollington Park Rag(Richardson)

Produced by David Hitcjcock with Caravan

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ