カーペンターズ 「涙の乗車券」

 2.Your Wonderful Parade(Carpenter/Bettis)
 4.Get Together(Chet Powers9
 5.All Of My Life(Richard Carpenter)
 6.Turn Away(Carpenter/Bettis)
 7.(They Long To Be) Close To You(David/Bacharach)
 8.Ticket To Ride(Lennon/McCartney)
 9.Don't Be Afraid(Richard Carpenter)
10.What's The Use(Carpenter/Bettis)
11.All I Can Do(Carpenter/Bettis)
13.Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing(Neil Young)

Produced by Jack Daugherty


カーペンターズ 「トップ・オブ・ザ・ワールド」

 1.A Song For You(Leon Russell)
 2.Top Of The World(Richard Carpenter, John Bettis)
 3.Hurting Each Other(Peter Udell, Gary Geld)
 4.It's Going To Take Some Time(Carole King, Toni Stern)
 5.Goodbye To Love(Richard Carpenter, John Bettis)
 6.Intermission(Richard Carpenter)
 7.Bless The Beasts And Children(Barry DeVorzon, Perry Botkin, Jr.)
 8.Flat Baroque(Richard Carpenter)
 9.Piano Picker(Randy Edelman)
10.I Won't Last A Day Without You(Paul Williams, Roger Nichols)
11.Crystal Lullaby(Richard Carpenter, John Bettis)
12.Road Ode(Gary Sims, Dan Woodhams)
13.A Song For You (Reprise)(Leon Russell)

Produced by Jack Daugherty Productions


カーペンターズ 「ナウ・アンド・ゼン」

 1.Sing(Joe Raposo)
 2.This Masquerade(Leon Russell)
 3.Heather(Johnny Pearson)
 4.Jambalaya(On The Bayou)(Hank Williams)
 5.I Can't Make Music(Randy Edelman)
 6.Yesterday Once More(John Bettis-Richard Carpenter)
 7.Fun, Fun, Fun(Brian Wilson-Mike Love)
 8.The End Of The World(Arthur Kent-Sylvia Dee)
 9.Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home)(Ellie Greenwich-Jeff Barry-Phil Spector)
10.Dead Man's Curve(Jan Berry-Roger Christian-Brian Wilson-Artie Kornfeld)
11.Johnny Angel(Lyn Duddy, Lee Pockriss)
12.The Night Has A Thousand Eyes(Ben Weisman-Dorothy Wayne-Marilynn Garrett)
13.Our Day Will Come(Bob Hilliard-Mort Garson)
14.One Fine Day(Carole King-Gerry Goffin)
15.Yesterday Once More(reprise)

Produced by Richard & Karen Carpenter
Arranged & Orchestrated by Richard Carpenter


カーペンターズ 「見つめあう恋」

 1.There's A Kind Of Hush(Les Reed/Geoff Stephens)
 2.You(Randy Edelman)
 3.Sandy(Richard Carpenter/John Bettis)
 4.Goofus(King & William Harold/Gus Kahn)
 5.Can't Smile Without You(Chris Amold/David Martin/Geoff Morrow)
 6.I Need To Be In Love(Richard Carpenter/John Bettis/Albert Hammond)
 7.One More Time(Lewis Anderson)
 8.Boat To Sail(Jackie DeShannon)
 9.I Have You(Richard Carpenter/John Bettis)
10.Breaking Up Is Hard To Do(Neil Sedaka/Howard Greenfield)

Produced by Richard Carpenter

THE CARPENTERS 「Voice Of The Heart」

カーペンターズ 「ヴォイス・オブ・ザ・ハート」

 1.Now(Roger Nichols/Dean Pitchford)
 2.Sailing On The Tide(Tony Peluso/John Bettis)
 3.You're Enough(Richard Carpenter/John Bettis)
 4.Make Believe It's Your First Time(Bob Morrison/Johnny Wilson)
 5.Two Lives(Mark Jordan)
 6.At The End Of A Song(Richard Carpenter/John Bettis)
 7.Ordinary Fool(Paul Williams)
 8.Prime Time Love(Mary Unobsky/Danny Ironstone)
 9.Your Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore(Larry Weiss)
10.Look To Your Dreams(Richard Carpenter/John Bettis)

Produced and Arranged by Richard Carpenter

THE CARPENTERS 「Yesterday Once More」

THE CARPENTERS 「Yesterday Once More」

<DISC 1>
 1.Yesterday Once More
 3.Rainy Days And Mondays
 4.(Want You) Back In My Life Again
 5.Ticket To Ride
 6.Goodbye To Love
 7.Bless The Beasts And Children(FRom the Columbia Pictures release "Bless The Beasts And Children")
 8.It's Going To Take Some Time
 9.Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft(The Recognied Antem Of World Contact Day)
10.Sweet, Sweet Smile
11.I Won't Last A Day Without You
12.For All We Know(From The Motion Picture "Lovers And Other Strangers")
13.Touch Me When We're Dancing

<DISC 2>
 1.There's A Kind Of Hush
 2.This Maquerade
 3.Hurting Each Other
 4.Please Mr.Postman
 5.I Need To Be In Love
 6.Make Believe It's Your First Time
 7.All You Get From Love Is A Love Song
 8.Top Of The World
 9.Becuase We Are In Love(The Wedding Song)
10.We've Only Just Begun
11.Those Good Old Dreams
13.Only Yesterday
14.(They Long To Be) Close To You

THE CARPENTERS 「Twenty-Two Hits Of The Carpenters」

カーペンターズ 「青春の輝き〜ベスト・オブ・カーペンターズ」

 1.I Need To Be In Love(Richard Carpenter, John Bettis & Albert Hammond)
 2.We've Only Just Begun(Paul Williams & Roger Nichols)
 3.Superstar(Leon Russell & Bonnie Bramlett)
 4.Rainy Days And Mondays(Roger Nichols & Paul Williams)
 5.Top Of The World(Richard Carpenter & John Bettis)
 6.Sing(Joe Raposo)
 7.Only Yesterday(Richard Carpenter & John Bettis)
 8.Ticket To Ride(John Lennon & Paul McCartney)
 9.Goodbye To Love(Richard Carpenter & John Bettis)
10.It's Going To Take Some Time(Carole King & Toni Stern)
11.This Masquerade(Leon Russell)
12.Sweet Sweet Smile(Juice Newton & Otha Young)
13.I Won't Last A Day Without You(Paul Williams & Roger Nichols)
14.Solitare(Neil Sedaka & Philip Cody)
15.Please Mr.Postman(William Garrett, Georgia Dobbins, Brian Holland & Robert Bateman)
16.Hurting Each Other(Peter Udell & Gary Geld)
17.There's A Kind Of Hush(Les Reed & Geoff Stephens)
18.Jambalaya(On The Bayou)(Hank Williams)
19.For All We Know(Fred Karlin, Robb Wilson & Arthur James)
20.Touch Me When We're Dancing(Terry Skinner, J.L. Wallace & Ken Bell)
21.(They Long To Be) Close To You(Burt Bacharach & Hal David)
22.Yesterday Once More(Richard Carpenter & John Bettis)

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