1.Mystic Lipstick(Jimmy McCarthy)
 2.The Voyage(Johnny Duhan)
 3.The Mad Lady & Me(Jimmy McCarthy)
 4.The Deportees Club(Elvis Costello)
 5.The Night Visit(Traditional/Christy Moore)
 6.All For The Roses(Wally Page/Tony Boylan)
 7.Missing You(Jimmy McCarthy)
 8.Bright Blue Rose(Jimmy McCarthy)
 9.Farewell To Pripchat(Tim Donnehy)
10.Musha, God Help Her(Pierce Turner)
11.The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face(Ewan MacColl)
12.Middle Of The Island(Nigle Rolfw/Christy Moore)

Produced by Donal Lunny

CHRISTY MOORE 「Smoke & Strong Whisky」

CHRISTY MOORE 「Smoke & Strong Whisky」

 1.Welcome To The Cabaret(C.Moore)
 2.Fairytale Of New York(S.McGowan)
 5.Burning Times(C.Murphy)
 6.Smoke & Strong Whiskey(Page/Boylan/Moore)
 7.Whacker Humphries(C.Moore)
 8.Blackjack County Chains(R.Lane)
 9.Green Island(E.McColl)

Produced by Walter Samuel and Avert Abbing

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