THE 101ERS 「Five Star Rock'n'Roll」

THE 101ERS 「Five Star Rock'N'Roll」

 1.Keys To Your Heart
 2.Five Star Rock'n'Roll
 3.Surf City
 5.Motor Boys Motor
 8.Silent Telephone
 9.Sweety Of The St.Moritz
10.Sweet Revenge
11.Five Star Rock'n'Roll(alternative take)
12..Surf City(alternative take)
13.Keys To Your Heart(alternative take)

THE CLASH 「The Clash」

ザ・クラッシュ 「白い暴動」

 1.Janie Jones
 2.Remote Control
 3.I'm So Bored with the U.S.A.
 4.White Riot
 5.Hate & War
 6.What's My Name
 8.London's Burning
 9.Career Opportunities
11.Protex Blue
12.Police & Thieves
13.48 Hours

All Songs Written by Strummer/Jones
except 6 Written by Strummer/Jones/K.Levine 12 Written by Murvin/Perry

THE CLASH 「Give 'Em Enough Rope」

THE CLASH 「Give 'Em Enough Rope」

 1.Safe European Home
 2.English Civil War
 3.Tommy Gun
 4.Julie's Been Working For The Drug Squad
 5.Last Gang In Town
 6.Guns On The Roof
 7.Drug Stabbing Time
 8.Stay Free
10.All The Young Punks(New Boots And Contracts)

Produced by Sandy Pearlman

THE CLASH 「London Calling」

THE CLASH 「London Calling」

 1.London Calling
 2.Brand New Cadillac
 3.Jimmy Jazz
 5.Rudie Can't Fail
 6.Spanish Bombs
 7.The Right Profile
 8.Lost In The Supermarket
10.The Guns Of Brixton
11.Wrong 'Em Boyo
12.Death Or Glory
13.Koka Kola
14.The Card Cheat
15.Lover's Rock
16.Four Horsemen
17.I'm Not Down
18.Revolution Rock
19.Train In Vain

produced by Guy Stevens

THE CLASH 「Combat Rock」

ザ・クラッシュ 「コンバット・ロック」

 1.Know Your Rights
 2.Car Jamming
 3.Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
 4.Rock The Casbah
 5.Red Angel Dragnet
 6.Straight To Hell
 7.Overpowered By Funk
 8.Atom Tan
 9.Sean Flynn
10.Ghetto Defendant
11.Inoculated City
12.Death Is A Star

All songs written by The Clash
Mada by The Clash

THE CLASH 「Super Black Market Clash」

THE CLASH 「Super Black Market Clash」

 3.Jail Guitar Doors(Strummer/Jones)
 4.City Of The Dead(Strummer/Jones)
 5.The Prisoner(Strummer/Jones)
 6.Pressure Drop(F.Hibbert)
 7.1-2 Crush On You(Strummer/Jones)
 8.Groovy Times(Strummer/Jones)
 9.Gates Of The West(Strummer/Jones)
10.Capital Radio Two(Strummer/Jones)
11.Time Is Tight(Booker T. Jones)
12.Justice Tonight/Kick It Over(Willi Williams)
13.Robber Dub(Strummer/Jones/Campbell)
14.The Cool Out(The Clash)
15.Stop The World(The Clash)
16.The Magnificent Dance(The Clash)
17.Radio Clash(The Clash)
18.First Night Back In London(The Clash)
19.Long Time Jerk(The Clash)
20.Cool Confusion(The Clash)
21.Mustapha Dance(The Clash)

1, 2, 3, 4 Produced by Micky Foote
5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 Produced by The Clash
8, 9, 10, 15 Produced by The Clash & Bill Price
13 Produced by Mikey Dread
21 Produced by Mick Jones

THE CLASH 「The Singles」

 1.White Riot(Strummer-Jones)
 2.Remote Control(Strummer-Jones)
 3.Complete Control(Strummer-Jones)
 4.Clash City Rockers(Strummer-Jones)
 5.(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais(Strummer-Jones)
 6.Tommy Gun(Strummer-Jones)
 7.English Civil War(Trad Arranged by Strummer-Jones)
 8.I Fought The Law(Sonny Curtis)
 9.London Calling(Strummer-Jones)
10.Train In Vain(Strummer-Jones)
12.The Call Up(The Clash)
13.Hitsville UK(The Clash)
14.The Magnificent Seven(The Clash)
15.This Is Radio Clash(The Clash)
16.Know Your Rights(The Clash)
17.Rock The Casbah(The Clash)
18.Should I Stay Or Should I Go(The Clash)


ジョー・ストラマー&ザ・メスカレロス 「X-レイ・スタイル」

 1.Tony Adams(Strummer-Genn)
 2.Sandpaper Blues(Strummer-Norris-Dyson)
 3.X-ray Style(Strummer)
 4.Techno D-day(Strummer-Genn)
 5.The Road To Rock'n'roll(Strummer-Genn)
 7.Diggin' The New(Strummer-Norris)
 8.Forbidden City(Strummer)
 9.Yalla Yalla(Strummer-Norris-Cook)
10.Willesden To Cricklewood(Strummer-Genn)

Produced by Antony Genn
except 2, 9 Produced by Richard Norris


ジョー・ストラマー&ザ・メスカレロス 「ストリートコア」

 1.Coma Girl(Joe Strummer, Martin Slattery, Scott Shields)
 2.Get Down Moses(Joe Strummer, Martin Slattery, Scott Shields, Simon Stafford, Luke Bullen)
 3.Long Shadow(Smokey Hormel and Joe Strummer)
 4.Arms Aloft(Joe Strummer, Martin Slattery, Scott Shields, Simon Stafford, Luke Bullen)
 5.Ramshackle Day Parade(Joe Strummer, Martin Slattery, Scott Shields, Simon Stafford, Luke Bullen)
 6.Redemption Song(Bob Marley)
 7.All In A Day(Joe Strummer and Danny Saber)
 8.Burnin’ Streets(Joe Strummer, Martin Slattery, Scott Shields)
 9.Midnight Jam(Joe Strummer, Martin Slattery, Scott Shields, Simon Stafford, Luke Bullen)
10.Silver And Gold(Antoine Domino, Dave Bartholomew, Robert C. Guidry aka Bobby Charles)
11.The Harder They Come(Jimmy Cliff)<Live><Bonus Track for Japan>
12.A Message To You, Rudy(Dandy Livingstone)<Live><Bonus Track for Japan>
13.Yalla Yalla(Joe Strummer, Pablo Cook, Richard Norris)<Live><Bonus Track for Japan>
14.Blitzkrieg Bop(Tommy Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone)<Live><Bonus Track for Japan>

Produced and arranged by Martin Slattery and Scott Shields
6 Produced by Rick Rubin
7 Produced by Danny Saber

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