CULTURE CLUB 「Kissing To Be Clever」

カルチャー・クラブ 「キッシング・トク・ビー・クレバー」

 1.White Boy(Dance Mix)
 2.You Know I'm Not Crazy
 3.I'll Tumble 4 Ya
 4.Take Control
 5.Love Twist feat. CAPTAIN CRUCIAL
 6.Mystery Boy
 7.Boy Boy(I'm The Boy)
 8.I'm Afraid Of Me(Remix)
 9.White Boys Can't Control It
10.Do You Really Want To Hurt Me

All songs written & performed by Culture Club
Produced & Engineered by Steve Levine


カルチャー・クラブ 「ディス・タイム」

 1.Karma Chameleon
 2.Church Of The Poison Mind
 3.Miss Me Blind
 4.Time (Clock Of The Heart)
 5.It's A Miracle
 6.Black Money
 7.Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
 8.Move Away
 9.I'll Tumble 4 Ya
10.Love Is Love
11.War Song
13.I'll Tumble 4 Ya(U.S.12" Remix)
14.It's a Miracle/Miss Me Blind(U.S.12" Remix)

All tracks composed by Culture Club
except 1, 5, 8 composed by O'Dowd/Hay/Craig/Moss/Pickett
All tracls produced by Steve Levine
except 8 produced by Arif Mardin and Lew Hahn

CULTURE CLUB 「The Best Of Culture Club」

カルチャー・クラブ 「ベスト・オブ・カルチャー・クラブ」

 1.Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
 2.White Boy(Dance Mix)
 3.Church Of The Poison Mind
 4.Changing Every Day
 5.The War Song
 6.I'm Afraid Of Me(Remix)
 7.It's A Miracle
 8.The Dream
 9.Time(Clock Of The Heart)
10.The Dive
12.I'll Tumble 4 Ya
13.Miss Me Blind
14.Mistake Number 3
15.The Medal Song
16.Karma Chameleon

All songs written by Culture Club
8 written by O'Dows/Hay/Craig/Moss/Pickett

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