THE CURE 「Staring At The Sea ・ The Singles」

THE CURE 「Staring At The Sea ・ The Singles」

 1.Killing An Arab(Smith/Tolhurst/Dempsey)
 2.10:15 Saturday Night(Smith/Tolhurst/Dempsey)
 3.Boys Don't Cry(Smith/Tolhurst/Dempsey)
 4.Jumping Someone Else's Train(Smith/Tolhurst/Dempsey)
 5.A Forest(Smith/Tolhurst/Gallup/Hartley)
 6.Play For Today(Smith/Tolhurst/Gallup/Hartley)
 8.Other Voices(Smith/Tolhurst/Gallup)
 9.Charlotte Sometimes(Smith/Tolhurst/Gallup)
10.The Hanging Garden(Smith/Tolhurst/Gallup)
11.Let's Go To Bed(Smith/Tolhurst)
12.The Walk(Smith/Tolhurst)
13.The Lovecats(Smith)
14.The Caterpillar(Smith/Tolhurst)
15.In Between Days(Smith)
16.Close To Me(Smith)
17.A Night Like This(Smith)

1, 2, 3, 4, 11 Produced by Parry
5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Produced by Smith/Hedges
10 Produced by The Cure/Thornalley
12 Produced by Nye
13 Produced by Smith/Thornalley/Parry
14 Produced by Smith/Alen/Parry
15, 16, 17 Produced by Smith/Allen

THE CURE 「Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me」

THE CURE 「Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me」

 1.The Kiss
 4.If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
 5.Why Can't I Be You?
 6.How Beautiful You Are
 7.The Snakepit
 8.Just Like Heaven
 9.All I Want
10.Hot Hot Hot!!!
11.One More Time
12.Like Cockatoos
13.Icing Sugar
14.The Perfect Girl
15.A Thousand Hours
16.Shiver And Shake

All Words by Robert Smith
All Music by Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Porl Thompson, Boris Williams, Laurence Tolhurst
Produced by Dave Allen and Robert Smith

THE CURE 「Disintegration」

ザ・キュアー 「ディスインテグレーション」

 2.Pictures Of You
 4.Love Song
 5.Last Dance
 7.Fascination Street
 8.Prayers For Rain
 9.The Same Deep Water As You

All tracks written by Smith/Gallup/Williams/Thompson/O'donnell/Tolhurst
All titles Produced by RObert Smith and David Allen

THE CURE 「Mixed Up」

ザ・キュアー 「ミックスト・アップ」

 1.Lullaby(Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/O'Donnell/Tolhurst)(Extended Mix)
 2.Close To Me(Smith)(Closer Mix)
 3.Fascination Street(Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/O'Donnell/Tolhurst)(Extended Mix)
 4.The Walk(Smith/Tolhurst) (Everything Mix)
 5.Lovesong(Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/O'Donnell/Tolhurst)(Extended Mix)
 6.A Forest(Smith/Tolhurst/Gallup/Hartley)(Tree Mix)
 7.Pictures Of You(Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/O'Donnell/Tolhurst)(Extended Dub Mix)
 8.Hot Hot Hot!!!(Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/Tolhurst)(Extended Mix)
 9.The Caterpillar(Smith/Tolhurst)(Flicker Mix)
10.Inbetween Days(Amith)(Shiver Mix)
11.Never Enough(Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams)(Big Mix)

1, 5 Remixed by Robert Smith, Chris Parry and Mark Saunders
2 Remixed by Paul Oakenfold
3 Remixed by Robert Smith and Mark Saunders
4, 6 Re-recorded June 1999. Produced by Robert Smith and Mark Saunders
7, 9 Remixed by Bryan "Chuck" New
8 Remixed by Francois Kevokian and Ron St Germain
10 Remixed by William Orbit
11 Remixed by Mark Sanuders



 4.From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
 5.Wendy Time
 6.Doing The Unstuck
 7.Friday I'm In Love
 9.Letter To Elise
11.To Wish Impossible Things

All songs by Smith・Gallup・Thompson・Williams・Bamonte
Produced by The Cure and David M. Allen

THE CURE 「Paris」

THE CURE 「Paris」

 1.The Figurehead
 2.One Hundred Years
 3.At Night
 4.Play For Today
 6.In Your House
 9.A Letter To Elise
10.Dressing Up
11.Charlotte Sometimes
12.Close To Me

1, 2, 11 written by Smith, Gallup, Tolhurst
3, 4, 6 written by Smith, Gallup, Hartley, Tolhurst
5, 9 written by Smith, Gallup, Thompson, Williams, Bamonte
7 written by Smith, Gallup, Thompson, Williams, O'Donnell, Tolhurst
8 written by Smith, Gallup, Thompson, Williams, Tolhurst
10, 12 written by Smith

THE CURE 「Wild Mood Swings」

ザ・キュアー 「ワイルド・ムード・スウィングス」

 2.Club America
 3.This Is a Lie
 5.Strange Attraction
 6.Mint Car
 7.Jupiter Crash
 8.Round & Round & Round
15.It Used To Be Me(Bonus Track For Japanese Only)

Words by Robert Smith
Music by Smith/Gallup/Bamonte/Cooper/O'Donnell
Produced by Robert Smith and Steve Lyon

THE CURE 「Galore - The Singles 1987-1997」

ザ・キュアー 「ガロア−ザ・シングルズ 1987-1997」

 1.Why Can't I Be You?(Words: Smith Music: Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/Tolhurst)
 2.Catch(Words: Smith Music: Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/Tolhurst)
 3.Just Like Heaven(Words: Smith Music: Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/Tolhurst)
 4.Hot Hot Hot!!!(Words: Smith Music: Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/Tolhurst)
 5.Lullaby(Words: Smith Music: Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/O'Donnell/Tolhurst)
 6.Fascination Street(Words: Smith Music: Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/O'Donnell/Tolhurst)
 7.Lovesong(Words: Smith Music: Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/O'Donnell/Tolhurst)
 8.Pictures Of You(Words: Smith Music: Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/O'Donnell/Tolhurst)
 9.Never Enough(Words: Smith Music: Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams)
10.Close To Me(Words and music: Smith)
11.High(Words: Smith Music: Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/Bamonte)
12.Friday I'm In Love(Words: Smith Music: Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/Bamonte)
13.A Letter To Elise(Words: Smith Music: Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/Bamonte)
14.The 13th(Words: Smith Music: Smith/Gallup/Bamonte/Cooper/O'Donnell))
15.Mint Car(Words: Smith Music: Smith/Gallup/Bamonte/Cooper/O'Donnell))
16.Strange Attraction(Words: Smith Music: Smith/Gallup/Bamonte/Cooper/O'Donnell))
17.Gone!(Words: Smith Music: Smith/Gallup/Bamonte/Cooper/O'Donnell))
18.Wrong Number(Words and music: Smith)

Produced by Robert SMith and Dave Allen
9 Produced by Robert Smith and Mark Saunders
11, 12, 13 Produced by Dave Allen and The Cure
14, 15, 16, 17 Produced by Robert Smith and Steve Lyon
18 Produced by Mark Saunders/Robert Smith/Mark Plati

THE CURE 「Bloodflowers」

ザ・キュアー 「ブラッドフラワーズ」

 1.Out Of This World
 2.Watching Me Fall
 3.Where The Birds Always Sing
 4.Maybe Someday
 5.Coming Up
 6.The Last Day Of Summer
 7.There Is No If...
 8.The Loudest Sound

Written by Smith, Gallup, Bamonte, Cooper, O'(Donnell
Produced by Robert Smith and Paul Corkett

THE CURE 「4:13 Dream」

THE CURE 「4:13 Dream」

 1.Underneath The Stars
 2.The Only One
 3.The Reasons Why
 6.The Real Snow White
 7.The Hungry Ghost
 9.The Perfect Boy
10.This.Here And Now.With You
11.Sleep When I'm Dead
12.The Scream
13.It's Over

All Songs by Smith/Gallup/Cooper/Thompson(Words by Robert Smith/Music by The Cure)
Produced and Mixed by Robert Smith & Keith Uddin

THE GLOVE 「Blue Sunshine」

ザ・グローヴ 「ブルー・サンシャイン」

 1.Like An Animal
 2.Looking Glass Girl
 4.Mr.Alphabet Says
 5.A Blue In Drag
 6.Punish Me With Kisses
 7.This Green City
 9.Perfect Murder 
11.Mouth To Mouth
12.The Tightrope
13.Like An Animal(Club? What Club)

All songs written. produced and arranged by Steven Severin and Robert Smith

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