サークル 「ネオン」

 1.Don't Cry, No Fears, No Tears Comin' Your Way
 2.The Visit (She Was Here)
 3.Weight Of Your Words
 4.I Wish I Could Be Here
 5.It Doesn't Matter Anymore
 6.Two Rooms
 7.Our Love Affair's In Question
 8.I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
 9.Problem Child
10.Please Don't Ever Leave Me
11.I'm Not Sure What I Wanna Do

Produced by John Simon
Arranged by John Simon and The Cyrkle

CYRKLE 「Red Rubber Ball(A Collection)」

 1.Red Rubber Ball(P.Simon/B.Woodley)
 2.Why Can't You Give Me What I Want(T.Dawes/S.Friedland)
 3.How Can I Leave Her(T.Dawes/D.Dannemann)
 4.Turn Down Day(J.Keller/D.Blume)
 6.Please Don't Ever Leave Me(S.Haber)
 7.Don't Cry, No Fears, No Tears Comin' Your Way(T.Dawes/D.Dannemann)
 8.I Wish You Could Be Here(P.Simon/B.Woodley)
 9.Our Love Affair's In Question(T.Dawes/D.Dannemann)
10.The Visit(She Was Here)(B.Chandler/E.McKendry)
11.We Had A Good Thing Goin'(N.Sedaka/H.Greenfield)
12.Turn Of The Century(R.Gibb/B.Gibb)
13.Penny Arcade(S.Linzer/D.Randell)
14.Where Are You Going(D.Dannemann)
15.Red Chair Fade Away(R.Gibb/B.Gibb)
16.Reading Her Paper(B.Cooper/F.Catana)
17.Straighten Out My Messed Up Life(R.Mossison)
18.We Said Goodbye(And Went Our Seperate Ways Or So We Thought)(T.Dawes/D.Dannemann)

Produced by John Simon
except 12〜16 Produced by Charlie Calello

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ