DAN SIEGEL 「Northern Nights」

ダン・シーゲル 「ノーザン・ナイツ」

 1.Feelin' Happy
 2.On The Road
 4.Distant Thoughts
 5.Northern Nights
 6.Love Is The Power
 7.Take A Chance
 8.Just for The Moment
 9.Falling Angel
10.When It's Over

All Compositions by Dan Siegel
Produced by Dan Siegel

DAN SIEGEL 「Late On Night」

DAN SIEGEL 「Late On Night」

 2.Living For Tomorrow
 3.When You're Far Away
 4.Along The Way
 5.Late One Night
 6.Until Then
 7.You Let Me Ine
 8.Say You Will
 9.Hold On To Your Heart
10.Inside Your Love

All Compositions by Dan Siegel
7 Written by Dan Siegel, Catherine Beck & Sherwood Ball
9 Written by Dan Siegel & Clint Holmes
Produced by Dan Siegel

DAN SIEGEL 「Going Home」

ダン・シーゲル 「ゴーイング・ホーム」

 1.Dee-Ah(Dan Siegel)
 2.Going Home(Dan Siegel)
 3.Next To You(Dan Siegel/Aime Ulrich Rankin) featuring KENNY RANKIN
 4.Dark Rain(Dan Siegel)
 5.Don't Let Go(Dan Siegel)
 6.The Untravelled Path(Dan Siegel)
 7.Can't Remember(Dan Siegel/Aime Ulrich Rankin)featuring KENNY RANKIN
 8.Sojourn(Dan Siegel)
 9.Searching(Dan Siegel/Marc Jordan) featuring KENNY RANKIN
10.The Last Dance(Dan Siegel)

Produced by Dan Siegel

DAN SIEGEL 「Along The Way  The Best Of Dan Siegel」

ダン・シーゲル 「アロング・ザ・ウェイ:ザ・ベスト・オブ・ダン・シーゲル」

 1.What Gives
 2.From The Heart
 4.Come What May
 5.Getting Close
 7.The Untraveled Path
 8.Next To You
 9.Along The Way
10.Late One Night
11.When You're Far Away
12.Feelin' Happy
14.Northern Nights
15.Remember When
16.Orient Express
17.Another Time, Another Place

DAN SIEGEL 「Inside Out」

DAN SIEGEL 「Inside Out」

 1.Just Like That(Siegel)
 2.Inside Out(Siegel)
 3.In Your Eyes(Siegel)
 4.When The Time Comes(Siegel)
 5.Between The Lines(Siegel/Siegel)
 6.To The Point(Siegel/Siegel)
 7.This Time Around(Siegel)
 9.The Long Goodbye(Siegel/Siegel)
10.Gone But Not Forgotten(Siegel/Siegel)

Produced by Dan Siegel

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