DA'VILLE 「In Heaven」

ダヴィル 「イン・ヘヴン」

 1.Mamas Potrai
 2.In Heaven
 4.Jump Off
 6.The One For Me
 7.Out Of My Head feat. SPRAGGA BENZ
 8.Bring It On(Hey Baby)
 9.Grown Man Cry<Bonus Track for Japan>
10.Gal Yu A Murda<Bonus Track for Japan>
12.Weh She Want
13.Love Will Show Me The Way
14.All My Life feat. MARCIA GRIFFITHS
16.Baby Bleu<Bonus Track for Japan>
17.Skit(for My Grade)
18.My Grade
19.Cant Fight This Feeling<Bonus Track for Japan>

1 Produced by George "Dusty" Miller
2, 6 Produced by Orville Thomas
3 Produced by Dane Johnson
4 Produced by Michael Brissett & Donovan Bennett
5 Produced by Richard "Shams" Browne
7, 19 Produced by Orville Thomas & Jonnice Brown
8 Produced by Donovan Bennett
9 Produced by Neville Palmer
10 Produced by D.Thomas, M.Jarrett, A.Saunders
11 Produced by Leftside & Esco
12 Produced by Bam Bam & Dizzy
13, 14 Produced by Donovan Germain
15 Produced by Trevor "Baby G" James
16 Produced by Samuel Johnson
18 Produced by Sim Bad & Frenchy

DA'VILLE 「On My Mind」

DA'VILLE 「On My Mind」

 1.Always On My Mind(Remix) feat. SEAN PAUL
 2.Can't Get Over You
 3.All My Life feat. MARCIA GRIFFITHS
 4.I'm In Love With You
 5.And So I Will Wait For You
 6.This Time I Promise
 7.Give Thanks For What You've Got
 8.My Grade
 9.Give It Up For My Baby
11.Have You Ever Been In Love?
12.My Heart
13.Dancehall Lover's Rock
14.Always On My Mind

1, 2 , 4, 10, 11, 13, 14 Produced by Orville Thomas & J.Brown
3 Produced by Donovan Germain
5 Produced by Orville Thomas, J.Brown & R.Walters
6, 9 Produced by Orville Thomas
7 Produced by Arif Cooper
8 Produced by Frenchie
12 Produced by Lloyd & Michelle Campbell & Jason Sterling

DA'VILLE 「Ichiban」

ダヴィル 「イチバン」

 1.Ichiban with FIREBALL
 2.Hold Me Now
 3.Missing You Right Now
 4.Blessings A Multiply with DEMARCO
 5.Never Gonna Cry
 7.As I Am
 8.Gal You Gone
 9.Forever feat. SHAGGY
10.Turning Me On
13.Just Another Day(The Voices)
14.Away<Bonus Track>

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