SLAM/SLAM featuring DEE C. LEE 「Free Your Feelings」

SLAM/SLAM featuring DEE C. LEE 「Free Your Feelings」

 1.Move[Dance All Night](Howard/Lee)
 2.Something Ain't Right(Weller)
 3.Free your Feelings(Lee/Nelson)
 4.What Dreams Are Made Of(Weller/Talbot)
 5.Giving It Up(Weller)
 6.You'll Find Love(Weller)
 7.Depth Charge(Howard)
 8.Round & Round(Weller)
 9.Tender Love(Weller)
10.Nothing Like It(Lee/Weller)

Produced by Slam/Slam
Co-produced by Robert Howard & Hector
except 3 Co-produced by The Young Disciples

DEE C. LEE 「Things Will Be Sweeter」

ディー・シー・リー 「シングス・ウィル・ビー・スウィーター」

 1.How Far(Lee/McEvoy)
 2.I'm Somebody(Lee/Ward/Baylis/Kennedy)
 3.Wherever You Run(Lee/McEvoy)
 4.Set Your Sprit Free(Ward/Baylis/Kennedy)
 5.It's Gonna Be Alright(Ward/Baylis/Kennedy)
 6.Can You Lead Me?(Lee)
 7.Things Will Be Sweeter(Lee/Duberry)
 8.Definitive Love(Lee/Ward/Baylis/Kennedy)
 9.Wherever You Run(Version)(Lee/McEvoy)
10.Walk Away From The Floor(Ward/Baylis/Kennedy)
11.New Reality Vire(Lee/McEvoy)

Produced and mixed by Dee C. Lee
except 1, 11 with Mike McEvoy
2, 3, 5, 7 with D.J. Jazzy Nice

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