DEL AMITRI 「Waking Hours」

DEL AMITRI 「Waking Hours」

 1.Kiss This Thing Goodbye
 2.Opposite View
 3.Move Away Jimmy Blue
 4.Stone Cold Sober
 5.You're Gone
 6.When I Want You
 7.This Side Of The Morning
 9.Hatful Of Rain
10.Nothing Ever Happens

1, 9 Written by Currie/Harvie/Slaven
2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10 Written by Curie
3, 5 Written by Currie/Harvie

All songs Produced by Mark Freegard
5, 8, 10 Produced by Hugh Jones
3 Produced by Gil Norton

DEL AMITRI 「Change Everything Change」

DEL AMITRI 「Change Everything Change」
 1.Be My Downfall
 2.Just Like A Man
 3.When You Were Young
 4.Surface Of The Moon
 5.I Won't Take The Blame
 6.First Rule Of Love
 7.Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere
 8.Always The Last To Know
 9.To Last A Lifetime
10.As Soon As The Tide Comes In
11.Behind The Fool
12.Sometimes I Just Have To Say Your Name

All songs written by Curie
except 2, 12 Written by Curie/Harvie/Biem/Stemra

Produced by Gil Norton

DEL AMITRI 「Twisted」

デラミトリ 「トゥイステッド」

 1.Food For Songs(Curie)
 2.Start With Me(Curie/Harvie)
 3.Here And Now(Curie/Harvie)
 4.One Thing Left To Do(Curie/Harvie)
 5.Tell Her This(Curie)
 6.Being Somebody Else(Curie/Harvie)
 7.Roll To Me(Curie)
 8.Crashing Down(Curie/Harvie)
 9.It Might As Well Be You(Curie)
10.Never Enough(Curie/Harvie)
11.It's Never Too Late To Be Alone(Curie)
12.Driving With The Brakes On(Curie)

Produced and Enginerered by Al Clay
Mixed by Bob Clearmountain

DEL AMITRI 「Some Other Suckers Parade」

DEL AMITRI 「Some Other Suckers Parade」

 1.Not Where It's At
 2.Some Other Sucker's Parade
 3.Won't Make It Better
 4.What I Think She Sees
 6.High Times
 7.Mother Nature's Writing
 8.No Family Man
 9.Cruel Light Of Day
10.Funny Way To Win
11.Through All That Nothing
12.Life Is Full
13.Lucky Guy
14.Make It Always Be Too Late
15.Sleep Instead Of Teardrops
16.Paper Thin (Ambient Mix)

All songs written by Currie/Harvie
1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, 14, 15, 16 Written by Currie
2 writtten by Currie/Mcloughlin

Produced by Mark Freegard

DEL AMITRI 「Hatful Of Rain 〜The Best Of Del Amitri」

 1.Cry To Be Found
 2.Roll To Me
 3.Kiss This Thing Goodbye
 4.Not Where It's At
 5.Nothing Ever Happens
 6.Always The Last To Know
 7.Here And Now
 8.Just Like A Man
 9.Spit In The Rain
10.When You Were Young
11.Driving With The Brakes On
12.Stone Cold Sober
13.Tell Her This
14.Move Away Jimmy Blue
15.Be My Downfall
16.Some Other Sucker's Parade
17.Don't Come Home Too Soon

DEL AMITRI 「Can You Do Me Good?」

DEL AMITRI 「Can You Do Me Good?」

 1.Just Before You Leave(Currie/Harvie)
 2.Cash And Prizes(Currie)
 3.Drunk In A Band(Currie)
 4.One More Last Hurrah(Currie/Harvie)
 5.The Buttons On My Clothes(Currie)
 6.Baby, It's Me(Currie)
 7.Wash Her Away(Currie/Harvie)
 8.Last Cheap Shot At The Dream
 9.Out Falls The Past(Currie)
10.She's Passing This Way(Currie)
11.Jesus Saves(Currie)
12.Just Getting By(Currie)

All Tracks Produced by Commissiomer Gordon
1, 12 Produced by Pete Smith with Additional Production by Commissioner Gordon
3, 10 Produced by Pete Smith
5, 6, 8 Produced by Bacon & Quarmby


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