デラニー&ボニー 「ホーム」

 1.It's Been A Long Time Coming(D.Bramlett-B.Bramlett)
 2.A Right Now Love(H.Banks-B.Bramlett)
 3.We Can Love(S.Cropper-E.Floyd)
 4.My Baby Specializes(I.Hayes-D.Porter)
 5.Everybody Loves A Winner(W.Bell-B.T.Jones)
 6.Things Get Better(S.Cropper-E.Floyd)
 7.Just Plain Beautiful(B.Crutcher-S.Cropper)
 8.Hard To Say Boodbye(H.Banks-B.Bramlett)
 9.Pour Your Love On Me(B.Bramlett-C.Radle)
10.Piece Of My Heart(B.Berns-J.Ragavoy)

Produced by Donald "Duck" Dunn and Don Nix

DELANEY & BONNIE & FRIENDS 「On Tour With Eric Clapton」

デラニー&ボニー&フレンズ 「オン・ツアー・ウィズ・エリック・クラプトン」

 1.Things Get Better(Floyd, Cropper & Wayne)
 2.Por Elijah-Tribute To Johnson(Medley)
  a)Poor Elijah(D.Bramlett & J. Ford)
  b)Tribute(D.Bramlett & L.Russell)
 3.Only You Know And I Know(D.Mason)
 4.I Don't Want To Discuss It(Beatty, Cooper & Shelby)
 5.That's What My Man Is For(Bessie Griffin)
 6.Where There's A Will, There's A Way(B.Bramlett & B.Whitlock)
 7.Coming Home(B.Bramlett & E.Clapton)
 8.Little Richard Medley
  b)The Girl Can't Help It(R.W.Trout)
  c)Long Tall Sall(R.Penniman)
  d)Jenny Jenny(R.Penniman)

Produced by Jimmy Miller & Delaney Bramlett

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ