DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS 「Searching For The Young Rebels」

デキシーズ・ミッドナイト・ランナーズ 「若き魂の反逆児を求めて」

 1.Burn It Down(K.Rowland)
 2.Tell Me When My Light Turns To Green(K.Rowland)
 3.The Teams That Meet In The Caffs(K.Archer)
 4.I'm Just Looking(K.Rowland/J.Blythe/P.Saunders)
 6.Seven Days Too Long(R.Bailey/V.Harrell)
 7.I Couldn't Help It If I Tried(K.Rowland/V.Harrell)
 8.Thankfully Not Living In Yorkshire It Doesn't Apply(K.Rowland/P.Saunders)
 9.Keep It(K.Archer/J.Blythe)
10.Love Part One(K.Rowland)
11.There, There, My Dear(K.Rowland/K.Archer)

Produced by Pete Wingfield


デキシーズ・ミッドナイト・ランナーズ 「カモン・アイリーン」

 1.Celtic Soul Brothers(Rawland-Patterson-Billingham)
 2.Let's Make This Precious(Rawland-Patterson)
 3.All In All(This One Last Wild Waltz)(Rawland-Patterson)
 4.Jackie Wilson Said(I'm In Heaven When You Smile)(Van Morrison)
 6.Plan B(Rawland-Patterson)
 7.I'll Show You(Rawland-Patterson)
 8.Liars A To E(Rawland-Patterson-Torch)
 9.Until I Believe In My Soul(Rawland-Patterson)
10.Come On Eileen(Rawland-Patterson-Adams)
11.The Celtic Soul Brothers(US Mix)<Bonus Track '96 Reissue CD>
12.Jackie Wilson Said(Live)<Bonus Track '96 Reissue CD>
13.Come On Eileen(Live)<Bonus Track '96 Reissue CD>
14.Marguerita Time<Bonus Track '96 Reissue CD>
15.Respect(Live)<Bonus Track '96 Reissue CD>
16.Dubious<Bonus Track '96 Reissue CD>
17.Love Part 2<Bonus Track '96 Reissue CD>
18.T.S.O.P.<Bonus Track '96 Reissue CD>

Directed by Clive Langer, Alan Winstanley, Kevin Rowland

DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS 「The Very Best Of Dexys Midnight Runners」

 1.Come On Eileen(Rawland/Patterson/Adams)
 2.Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile)(Van Morrison)
 3.Let's Get This Straight(From The Start)(Rawland/Adams/O'hara)
 4.Because Of You(The Theme From 'Brush Strokes')(Rawland/O'hara/Adams)
 5.Show Me(Rawland/Paterson)
 6.Celtic Soul Brothers(More, Please, Thank You)(Rawland/Paterson/Billingham)
 7.Liars A to E(Rawland/Paterson/Adams)
 8.One Way Love(Russell/Meade)
11.There, There, My Dear(Rawland/Archer)
12.Breakin' Down The Walls Of Heartache(Linzer/Randell)
13.Dance Stance(Rawland)
14.Plan B(Rawland/Paterson)
15.Keep It(Blythe/Archer)
16.I'm Just Looking(Rawland/Blythe/Saunders)
18.This Is What She's Like(Rawland/Adams/O'hara)
19.Soul Finger(Jones/King/Cunningham/Coldwell/Cauley/Alexander)

KEVIN ROWLAND 「The Wanderer」

KEVIN ROWLAND 「The Wanderer」

 1.Young Man(Kevin Rowland)
 2.Walk Away(Kevin Rowland)
 3.You'll Be The One For Me(Kevin Rowland)
 4.Heartaches By The Number(Harlan Howard)
 5.I Am The Wanderer(Kevin Rowland)
 6.Tonight(Kevin Rowland)
 7.When You Walk Alone(Kevin Rowland)
 8.Age Can't Wither You(Kevin Rowland)
 9.I Want(Kevin Rowland)
10.Remember Me(Kevin Rowland/Helen O'Hara)

Produced by Deodato

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