ディーゼル・パーク・ウエスト 「ディーゼル・パーク・ウエスト2」

 1.The Girl With The Name(John Butler)
 2.Above These Things(John Butler)
 3.King Fluid(John Butler)
 4.Bent, Shattered And Blue(John Butler)
 5.Friends And Enemies(John Butler)
 6.Endless Chains(John Butler)
 7.Find Somebody To Love(Cavaliere/Brigati)
 8.Lazy Me(San Francisco)(B.Mosely)
 9.Memo From Turner(Jagger/Richard)
11.Info Freako(Mike Edwards)
12.No Face, No Name, No Number(Winwood, Capaldi)

Produced by John Butler and Rick Willson
except 12 Produced by Steve Lipson

DIESEL PARK WEST 「Versus The Corporate Waltz」

DIESEL PARK WEST 「Versus The Corporate Waltz」

 1.Here On The Hill
 2.Six Days To Juju
 3.The Cat's Still Scratching
 4.Doesn't Candy Look Good
 5.You Killed Sugar Ray
 7.Where Will The Birds Sing?
 8.Wonderful (I Believe I'm Loving You)
 9.Good TimesLiberation Blues
10.Silver Girl
11.Old Man's Bluff
12.Hey Holly
13.The Corporate Waltz

All songs written by John Butler
Produced by Diesel Park West and Paul Sampson

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