THE DOORS 「The Doors」

ドアーズ 「ハートに火をつけて」

 1.Break On Through(To The Other Side)
 2.Soul Kitchen
 3.The Crystal Ship
 4.Twentieth Century Fox
 5.Alabama Song(Whisky Bar)
 6.Light My Fire
 7.Back Door Man
 8.I Looked At You
 9.End Of The Night
10.Take It As It Comes
11.The End

Words and Music by The Doors
5 by Weill-Brecht
7 by W.Dixon-C.Burnett
Produced by Paul A. Rothchild

THE DOORS 「Strange Days」

 1.Strange Days
 2.You're Lost Little Girl
 3.Love Me Two Times
 4.Unhappy Girl
 5.Horse Latitudes
 6.Moonlight Drive
 7.People Are Strange
 8.My Eyes Have Seen You
 9.I Can't See Your Face In My Mind
10.When The Music's Over

Produced by Paul A. Rothchild

THE DOORS 「Waiting For The Sun」

ザ・ドアーズ 「太陽を待ちながら」

 1.Hello, I Love You
 2.Love Street
 3.Not To Touch The Earth
 4.Summer's Almost Gone
 5.Wintertime Love
 6.The Unknown Soldier
 7.Spanish Caravan
 8.My Wild Love
 9.We Could Be So Good Together
10.Yes, The River Knows
11.Five To One

All selections written, arranged and performed by The Doors
Produced by Paul A. Rothchild

THE DOORS 「The Soft Parade」

ドアーズ 「ソフト・パレード」

 1.Tell All The People(Krieger)
 2.Touch Me(Krieger)
 3.Shaman's Blues(Morrison)
 4.Do It(Morrison-Krieger)
 5.Easy Ride(Morrison)
 6.Wild Child(Morrison)
 7.Runnin' Blue(Krieger)
 8.Wishful Sinful(Krieger)
 9.The Soft Parade(Morrison)

Produced by Paul A. Rothchild



 1.Wild Child
 2.Eagles Song
 3.It's Gonna Work Out Fine
 4.Lonely Teardrops
 5.Love It Or Leave It
 6.The Big Hurt(Dolores)
 7.Piggys Song
 8.I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
 9.You're Lost Little Girl

Produced by RObby Krieger
Co-Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Scott Gordon

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