DOYLE BRAMHALL Ⅱ 「Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ」

DOYLE BRAMHALL Ⅱ 「Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ」

 1.Song From The Grave(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ/Malford Milligan/Stu Blank)
 2.Ain't Goin' Down Slow(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ)
 3.What You Gonna Do(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ)
 4.Close To Me(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ)
 5.True Emotion(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ/Will Sexton)
 6.Bleeding From A Scratch(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ/Will Sexton)
 7.Time(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ/Wendy Melvoin)
 8.Part II(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ/Craig Ross)
 9.He Stole Our Love Away(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ)
10.Reason I Live(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ/Will Sexton)
11.They Get Together(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ/Wendy Melvoin/Susannah Melvoin)
12.Jealous Sky(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ/Will Sexton)
13.Stay Awhile(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ/Wendy Melvoin/Lisa Coleman)

Produced by Wendy and Lisa


ドイル・ブラムホールⅡ&スモークスタック 「ウエルカム」

 1.Green Light Girl(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ/Susannah Melvoin)
 2.Problem Child(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ)
 3.So You Want It To Rain(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ/Susannah Melvoin)
 4.Life(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ)
 5.Helpless Man(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ/Susannah Melvoin)
 6.Soul Shaker(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ)
 7.Send Some Love(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ)
 8.Smokestack(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ/Susannah Melvoin)
 9.Last Night(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ/Susannah Melvoin.Chris Bruce)
10.Blame(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ/Susannah Melvoin)
11.Thin Dream(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ/Susannah Melvoin)
12.Cry(Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ)
13.Lightning<Bonus Track for Japan Only>

Produced by Jim Scott, Benmont Tench & Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ

DOYLE BRAMHALL 「Bird Nest On The Ground」

ドイル・ブラムホール 「スティーヴ・レイ・ヴォーンに捧ぐ」

 1.Bird Nest On The Ground(Monk Higgins and Maurice Dollison)
 2.Change It(Doyle Bramhall)
 3.Other Side Of Love(Doyle Bramhall)
 4.The Hunter(A.Jackson,Jr., Booker T.Jones, Donald Dunn, Steve Cropper, Carl Wells)
 5.I'm In The Mood(John Lee Hooker and Bernard Bessman)
 6.She's Gone(Hound Dog Taylor)
 7.I Can See Clearly Now(Johnny Nash)
 8.(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame(Pomus/Shuman/Elvis Presley)
 9.Too Sorry(Doyle Bramhall)
10.I Know(David Watson)
11.Take Your Time, Son(Doyle Bramhall, Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ, Jimmie Vaughan)

Produced by Doyle Bramhall and Barbara Logan
3 Produced by Clint Birdwell/Co-Produced by Charley Wirz and Smkin' Joe Kubek
6 Produced by Chuck Nevitt
10 Produced by David Watson

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