DRAG-ON 「Opposite Of H2O」

ドラッグ・オン 「オポジット・オブ・H2O」

 1.Parental Advisory(Intro)
 2.Opposite Of H2o feat. JADAKISS From THE LOX
 3.Spit These Bars feat. SWIZZ BEATZ
 4.Groundhog's Day
 5.High Roller(Skit)
 6.Niggas Die 4 Me feat. DMX
 7.Here We Go feat. EVE
 8.Snipe Out
 9.Click, Click, Clack feat. P. KILLER TRACKZ
10.Get It Right feat. DMX
11.Shaquita(Skit) feat. CAPONE
12.Ladies 2000
13.Drag S*** feat. STYLES From THE LOX
14.Ready For War feat. THE LOX
15.Hot D***(Skit)
16.The Way Life Is feat. CASE
17.Pop It feat. ICEPICK JAY
18.What's It All About feat. PARLE
19.Life Goes

1, 5, 11, 15 Produce dby Jay "Icepick" Jackson
2, 6, 10, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19 Produced by Swizz Beatz
3 Produced by DJ Shok
4, 7, 9Produced by P. Killer Trackz
8 Produced by David Starr
12 Produced by Teflon
14 Produced by DJ Iroc

DRAG-ON 「Hell And Back」

DRAG-ON 「Hell And Back」

 2.Feel My Pain
 3.Bang Bang Boom feat. SWIZZ BEATZ
 4.Bronx(Skit) feat. OKRE BOY, BAR, HAZE and NEO
 5.Respect My Gangsta feat. STYLES P
 6.Tell Your Friends feat. JADAKISS
 7.Put Your Drinks Down
 8.Hector The Killer MC(Skit) feat. CAPONE
10.I'm A Ryder feat. BABY & TQ
11.Let's Get Crazy feat. DMX
12.Busta(Skit) feat. CAPONE
13.U Had Me feat. EVE
14.Holla At Your Boy
15.My First Child
16.It's A Party
17.Life Is Short
18.U Had Me(Part U) feat. EVE and AJA SMITH

1, 2, 18 Produced by Tuneheadz
3 Produced by Swizz Beatz
4 Produced by Mr. Devine
6 Produced by Neo
7 Produced by Needlz
9 Produced by Leroy "Tony" Austin & Osei Moreland
10 Produced by Black Key
11 Produced by Rockwilder
13 Produced by Teflon
14 Produced by Dom Flava
15 Produced by Jerry Stokes
16 Produced by Lilz & PLX
17 Produced by PK

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