THE DRIFTERS 「The Very Best Of The Drifters」

THE DRIFTERS 「The Very Best Of The Drifters」

 1.There Goes My Baby(Nelson/Patterson/Treadwell)
 2.(If You Cry) True Love, True Love(Pomus/Shuman)
 3.Dance With Me
 4.This Magic Moment(Pomus/Shuman)
 5.Save The Last Dance For Me(Pomus/Shuman)
 6.I Count The Tears(Pomus/Shuman)
 7.Some Kind Of Wonderful(Goffin/King)
 8.Please Stay(Bacharach/Hilliard)
 9.Sweets For My Sweet(Pomus/Shuman)
10.When My Little Girl Is Smiling(Goffin/King)
11.Up On The Roof(Goffin/King)
12.On Broadway(Weil/Mann/Leiber/Stoller)
13.I'll Take You Home(Weil/Mann)
14.Under The Boardwalk(Resnick/Young)
15.I've Got Sand In My Shoes(Resnick/Young)
16.Saturday Night At The Movies(Weil/Mann)

BEN E. KING 「Save The Last Dance For Me」

ベン・E・キング 「ラスト・ダンスは私に」

 1.Save The Last Dance For Me(Doc Pomus/Mort Shuman)
 2.Because Of Last Night(Ben E. King)
 3.Lover's Question(Brook BEnton/Jimmy Williams)
 4.Whatever Is This(It Ain't True Love)(Brian Potter/Frank Wildhorn)
 5.Halfway To Paradice(Gerry Goffin-Carole King)
 6.Let A Man Do It For Ya(Preston Glass/Marti Sharron/Gina Glass)
 7.I Cry For You(Lamont Dozier/Beau Dozier)
 8.Test Of Time(Cory Lerios/Andre Pessis)
 9.Two Lovers(J.P.Jones/C.Gibbons)
10.I Feel Your Love(Linda Hennrick/Daisuke Inoue)

1 Produced by Mick Jones/Remix and Additional Production by Francois Kevorkian and AllanGregorie
2, 4 Produced by John Paul Jones/Additional Production and Remix by Ron Saint Germain
3, 7 Produced by Lamont Dozier
5 Produced by Mick Jones
6, 8 Produced by Preston Glass and Alan Glass
10 Produced by Shinji Toyohara & Koshu Inaba

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