EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS 「The End Of The Beginning - (The Best Of Eddie And The Hot Rods)」

エディ&ザ・ホット・ロッズ 「ジ・エンド・オブ・ザ・ビギニング」

 1.Do Anything You Wanna Do(Douglas/Hollis)
 2.Quit This Town(Douglas/Hollis)
 3.Telephone Girl(Gray/Masters/Nicol)
 4.Teenage Depression(Higgs)
 5.The Kids Are Alright(Live)(Townshend)
 6.Get Out Of Denver(Live)(Seger)
 7.Till The Night Is Gone (Let's Rock)(Tyner)
 8.Schoolgirl Love(Masters/Douglas)
 9.Hard Drivin' Man(Live)(Wolf/Geils)
10.On The Run(Live)(Higgs)
11.The Power And The Glory(Douglas)
12.Ignore Them(Still Life)(Douglas/Hollis)
13.Life On The Line(Hollis/Douglas/Gray)
15.Take It Or Leave It(Douglas/Masters)
17.We Sing...The Cross(Douglas/Gray/Nicol)
18.The Beginning Of The End(Higgs)
20.(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction(Live)(Jagger, Richards)

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