RASPBERRIES 「Raspberries' Best Featruing Eric Carmen」

ラズベリーズ 「ラズベリーズ・ベスト/フィーチャリング・エリック・カルメン」

 1.Go All The Way
 4.I Wanna Be With You
 5.I Can Remember
 6.Overnight Sensation
 7.Let's Pretend
 8.Drivin' Around
 9.Starting Over
10.Don't Want To Say Goodbye

All song written by Eric Carmen
8 written by E.Carmen-D.Samlley
10 written by W.Bryson-E.Carmen

ERIC CARMEN 「Boats Against the Current」

エリック・カルメン 「雄々しき翼」

 1.Boats Against the Current
 2.Marathon Man
 3.Nowhere to Hide
 4.Take It or Leave It
 5.Love Is All That Matters
 6.She Did It
 7.I Think I Found Myself

All songs written, arranged and Produced by Eric Carmen

ERIC CARMEN 「The Best Of Eric Carmen」

ERIC CARMEN 「The Best Of Eric Carmen」

 1.All By Myself
 2.Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
 3.That's Rock'n Roll
 4.Hey Deanie
 5.Hungry Eyes
 6.Make Me Lose Control
 7.Change Of Heart
 8.She Did It
 9.It Hurts Too Much
10.No Hard Feelings
11.Boats Against The Current

All Songs written by Eric Carmen
6 written by Eric Carmen and Dean Pitchford
9 written by Franke Previte and John DeNicola
1, 2, 3, 6, 10 Produced by Jimmy Lenner
4, 5, 7, 8, 11 Produced by Eric Carmen
9 Produced by Harry Maslin

ERIC CARMEN 「Winter Dreams」

エリック・カルメン 「夢の面影」

 1.I Was Born To Love You(Eric Carmen and Andy Goldmark)
 2.Someone That You Loved Before(Eric Carmen and Diane Warren)
 3.Every Time I Make Love To You(Eric Carmen, Andy Goldmark and Steve Kipner)
 4.Cartoon World(Eric Carmen and John Wesley Harding)
 5.Almost Paradise(Eric Carmen and Dean Pitchford)
 6.Top Down Summer(Eric Carmen and Dean Pitchford)
 7.Isn't It Romantic(Eric Carmen and Andy Goldmark)
 8.I Could Really Love You(Eric Carmen and Dean Pitchford)
 9.Caroline, No(Brian Wilson and Tony Asher)
10.I Wanna Take Forever Tonight(Eric Carmen and Andy Goldmark)
11.Walk Away Renee(Brown, Calilli and Sansone)

Produced and Arranged by Eric Carmen

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