FIREWATER 「Get Off The Cross...」

FIREWATER 「Get Off The Cross...」

 1.Some Strange Reaction
 2.Bourbon And Division
 4.When I Burn This Place Down
 5.The Circus
 6.I Am The Rain
 8.The Drunken Jew
10.Sanke Eyes And Boxcars
11.One Of Those
12.Hold On. Slow John

All songs by Tod A.
Produced by Tod A. and DOug Henderson

FIREWATER 「The Ponzi Scheme」

ファイアーウォーター 「ザ・ポンジ・スキーム」

 1.Ponzi's Theme
 2.Green Light(In Stereo)
 3.Dropping Like Flies
 5.Whistling In The Dark
 6.Isle Of Dogs
 7.Borracho(Ponzi's Relapse)
 8.Another Perfect Catastrophe
 9.So Long, Superman
10.I Still Love You, Judas
11.Knock 'Em Down
12.Drunkard's Lament

Produced by Doug Henderson & Tod A.

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ