FISHBONE 「Fishbone」

FISHBONE 「Fishbone」

 2.Another Generation(K.Jones)
 3.? (Modern Industry)(D.Kahne-K.Jones)
 4.Party At Ground Zero(K.Jones-A.Moore-J.Fisher)
 5.V.T.T.L.O.T.F.D.G.F. (J.Fisher)
 6.Lyin' Ass Bitch(L.Grant-K.Jones-A.Moore)

Produced by David Kahne

FISHBONE 「In Your Face」

FISHBONE 「In Your Face」

 1.When Problems Arise(Kendall R. Jones, John N. Fisher, David Kahne)
 2.A Selection(Angelo C. Moore, Kendall R. Jones, David Kahne)
 3.Cholly(Angelo C. Moore, Kendall R. Jones)
 4.I Wish I Had A Date(Angelo C. Moore, Walter A. Kibby U)
 5.Movement In The Light(Kendall R. Jones)
 6.Give It Up(Kendall R. Jones, Angelo C. Moore, David Kahne)
 7.In The Air(Kendall R. Jones, Angelo C. Moore, John N. Fisher, David Kahne)
 8.Turn The Other Way(Kendall R. Jones, Angelo C. Moore)
 9.Knock It(Walter A. Kibby U, John N. Fisher, David Kahne)
10."Simon Says" The Kingpin(Angelo C. Moore)
11.Post Cold War Politics(Angelo C. Moore)

Produced by Davud Kahne

FISHBONE 「Truth And Soul」

FISHBONE 「Truth And Soul」

 1.Freddie's Dead(C.Mayfield)
 2.Ma And Pa(A.Moore-K.Jones)
 3.Question Of Life(A.Moore-K.Jones-J.Fisher)
 4.Pouring Rain(C.Dowd)
 5.Deep Inside(A.Moore-J.Fisher)
 6.Mighty Long Way(J.Fisher)
 7.Bonin' In The Boeyard(A.Moore-J.Fisher-D.Kahne)
 8.One Day(W.Kibby-K.Jones-D.Kahne)
 9.Subliminal Facism(A.MOore)
10.Slow Bus Movin'(Howard Beach Party)(K.Jones-A.Moore-W.Kibby-Fish)
11.Ghetto Soundwave(K.Jones)

Produced and Engineered by David Kahne

FISHBONE 「The Reality Of My Surroundings」

フィッシュボーン 「リアリティ・オブ・マイ・サラウンディング」

 1.Fight The Youth(K.Jones-J.N.Fisher-P.Fisher)
 2.If I Were A...I'd(A.Moore-C.Dowd)
 3.So Many Millions(J.N.Fisher-A.Moore)
 6.Death March(A.Moore-C.Dowd)
 7.Behavior Control Technician(J.N.Fisher-P.Fisher)
 8.If I Were A...I'd(A.Moore-C.Dowd)
10.Junkies Prayer(A.Moore-C.Dowd-K.Jones-J.N.Fisher-B.West)
11.Pray To The Junkiemaker(A.Moore-C.Dowd)
12.Everyday Sunshine(C.Dowd)
13.If I Were A...I'd(A.Moore-C.Dowd)
14.Naz-Tee May'en(J.N.Fisher-P.Fisher-A.Moore-K.Jones)
16.If I Were A...I'd(A.Moore-C.Dowd)
17.Those Days Are Gone(C.Dowd-J.N.Fisher)
18.Sunless Saturday(K.Jones)

Produced by Fishbone
except 12, 18 Produced by Fishbone and David Kahne

FISHBONE 「Singles」

フィッシュボーン 「シングルス」

 2.Freddie's Dead(C.Mayfield)(Live)
 3.Those Days Are Gone(C.Dowd-J.N.Fisher)(Live)
 4.Fight The Youth(K.Jones-J.N.Fisher-P.Fisher)(Live)
 5.Party At Ground Zero(K.Jones-A.Moore-J.Fisher)
 6.Modern Industry(D.Kahne-K.Jones)(Dance Mix)
 7.When Problems Arise(K.Jones-F.Fisher-D.Kahne)(Mix Is Risen)
 8.It's A Wonderful Life(Gonna have A Good Time)(N.Fisher-C.Dowd-A.Moore)
 9.Freddie's Dead(C.Mayfield)(Zeoniq Mix)
10.Ma And Pa(A.Moore-K.Jones)
11.New And Improved Bonin'(A.Moore-J.Fisher-D.Kahne)
12.Fishy Swa Ska(K.Jones-A.Moore)
13.Everyday Sunshine(C.Dowd)
14.Fight The Youth(K.Fisher-J.N.Fisher-P.Fisher)(Extended)
15.Unyielding Conditioning(K.R.Jones)(Edit)

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