ザ・フラメンコ・ア・ゴーゴー 「アーリー・デイズ」

 1.Flamenco A Go Go
 2.People Say
 4.Sandness Strike Me, Ah-Huh
 5.A Beautician's Song
 6.No Smile<Bonus Track>
 7.Crazy Sound <Bonus Track>

THE FLAMENCO A GO GO 「The Flamenco A Go Go」

THE FLAMENCO A GO GO 「The Flamenco A Go Go」

 1.No Smile
 2.I'm Ace
 3.Blow Jobs
 4.The Lust Of The Sick Silly Boy
 5.Holly Supper
 6.People Say
 7.Crazy Sound
 8.Stuff's Loaeded With Fun
 9.Please Don't Tell A Lie
10.Pitty Thing

Produced by Hiroshi Asada

THE FLAMENCO A GO GO 「Fully Fed Freaks」

THE FLAMENCO A GO GO 「Fully. Fed. Freaks.」

 2.Make Me Stinked
 3.Cool Baby Slut
 4.Stoned Girls
 5.Who Suck The World?
 6.Helpless Girl
 7.She Lied
 8.I'm Your Mom
9.Forget All Things
10.Take Me To Somewhere

All songs by Ryosuke Izuhawa
except 7 by Henderson/Campisi
Produced by Ryosuke Izuhara

PETTY BOOKA 「Toconut's Hawaii」

ペティ・ブーカ 「トコナッツ・ハワイ」

1.Pineapple Princess(Dick Sherman/Bob Sherman/Transration:Kenji Sazanami)
2.Under The Boadwalk(Resnick Arthur/Young Kenny)
3.Que Sera. Sera(Evans Raymond/Livingston Jay)
4.karma Chameleon(George O'dows/John Moss/Michael Craig/Roy Hay/Phil Pichkett)
5.Baby It's You(Bacharach/David/Williams)
6.Where The Boys Are(Niel Sadaka)
7.Tiki Torches At Twilight(Bob "Fuzz" Fuller)

Produced & arranged by Shinobu Imai

PETTY BOOKA 「Fujiyama Mama」

ペティ・ブーカ 「フジヤマ・ママ」

-Country Side-
 1.Seven Lonely Days(Earl Shuman and Marshall Brown/Aiden Shuman)
 2.He'll Have To Stay(Joe and Audrey Allison)
 3.Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young(Joe Allison)
 4.I Don't Sleep, I Drink Coffee Instead(Brenda Kahn)
 5.My Baby Don't Dance To Nothing But Ernest Tubb(Junior Brown)
 6.Trucker's Cafe(Sylvia Tyson)
-Bluegrass Side-
 7.Fujiyama Mama(Jack Hammer)
 8.Kaw-Liga(Hank Williams/Fread Rose)
 9.Queen Of The House(Roger Miller/Mary Taylor)
10.Is The Blue Moon Still Shining?(Melissa Monroe)
11.Perfect(Mark E. Nevin)
12.Louise(Paul Seibel)
13.Born To Be Wild(Mars Bonfire)

Produced by Hiroshi Asada

PETTY BOOKA 「Sweetheart Of The Radio」

ペティ・ブーカ 「ラジオの恋人」

- Bluegrass side -
 1.Late Night Radio(B.Danaff/T.Niver)
 2.Ameria Earhart's Last Flight (D.Mc Enery)
 3.Speedo (E.Navarro)
 4.Barroom Girls (G.Welch)
 5.Mercedes Benz(J.Joplin)
 6.Material Girl(P.Brown/R.Rans)
- C&W side -
 7.Devil Gate Drive (M.Chapman/N.Chinn)
 8.Running Bear (J.P.Richardson)
 9.(I Can't Help You)I'm Falling Too(D.Robertson/H.Blair)
10.Proud Mary(J.C.Fogerty)
11.Rose Garden(J.South)
12.The Rhumba Boogie(H.Snow)

Produced by Hiroshi Asada

PETTY BOOKA 「Blue Lagoon」

ペティブーカ 「BLUE LAGOON ペティブーカの青い体験」

 1.I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend(I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend)(Dee Dee Ramone/Joey Ramone/Johnny Ramone/Tommy Ramone)
 2.Vini Vini(Tamure Tahiti)(Yves Hugues Roche/STeve Graham/Leon Pober)
 3.Do You Wanna Dance(Bobby Freeman)
 4.Summer Breeze(Dash Crofts/James Seals)
 5.Pretty Little Baby(Don Stirling/Bill Navman)
 6.Willin’(Lowell George)
 7.Will You Love Me Tomorrow?(Gerald Goffin/Carole King)
 8.Girls Just Want To Have Fun(Robert Hazard)
 9.Daniel(Elton John/Bernie Taupin)
10.The Hasegawa General Store(Paul Weston)
11.Adios(Jimmy Webb)
12.Lazy Bones(Hoagy Carmichael/John Mercer)

Produced by Hiroshi Asada

PETTY BOOKA 「Singin' In The Rain」

ペティブーカ  「Singin' In The Rain *雨に唄えば*」

 1.Raindrops(Dee Clark)
 2.Rain On The Roof(John Sebastian)
 3.Rainy Days And Mondays(Roger Nichols/Paul Williams)
 4.Crying In The Rain(Haward Greenfield/Carol King)
 5.Raining In My Heart(Boudleaux Bryan/Felice Brayn)
 6.Rainy Night In Georgia(Tony Jo White)
 7.Singin' In The Rain(Arthur Freed/Nacio Brown)
 8.Rain Kilikilihune(Traditional)

Produced by Hiroshi Asada

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